Why Homework Diary Apps Are a Procrastinating Student’s Best Friend

There is a rite of passage that many children go through when they return to school in September. They enter class on their first day back at school or university and they either break out a new homework diary or find that their school has nicely provided them with one. ‘Great!’ is what they think, because this is the year that they have planned to turn from procrastinator-in-chief to always prepared student. They turn the pages and note down their timetable and all of the first day’s assignments – but in a week or a month the paper diary will probably lie forgotten under a bed and work will be back to being handed in late.

If you’re a student who can’t keep a deadline to save your life, then why not stop with the paper homework diaries and start using an app on your computer or phone (or even both).

You Mightn’t Always Remember Your Homework Diary, but You’ll Never Forget Your Phone

My personal downfall was that in a rush to get to class, I often left my paper homework diary behind. Yet as a member of generation X, I don’t think I’ve ever left home without my smartphone in the past 5 years. That is why having a homework diary app is great – because you’ll always have it to hand. Plus it opens up a load of options to you. If you need to check your timetable, grab your phone. Need to check if you need to fetch an assignment from your locker before class? Grab your phone.


Cloud computing is a beautiful thing because it means that you can use a homework diary app on different platforms and all your information stays up to date. If you can find an app you like that syncs between your smartphone and your computer, then pounce on it! You can add an assignment on your phone during the day, and then when you check the app on your computer in the evening you won’t have to remember to type it in again because it will already have synced. That way no assignment will fall down the rabbit hole, and you’ll have no excuses about forgetting.

You Don’t Have to Pay for a Specialized App

Although I use and swear by the super-cheap Mac and iPhone app iStudiez Pro, there is no need to spend money on an app or even download a specialized homework diary if you don’t want to. Calendar apps that come preinstalled on most computers or phones (or that can be downloaded for free) often do the job. Many calendar programmes can set reminders and perform other functions just like homework diaries, meaning you can get all the advantages without using a separate programme. Plus if you already use your phone or computer calendar regularly, it’s great because you know that you will be reminded of assignments or deadlines without even meaning to.

It Really Will Help You Become a Better Student

If you know when your assignments are ahead of schedule, then you will feel a constant reminder and sort of guilt to make you do them. That way, you never fall behind on homework. Plus, if that fails you can set an actual alarm reminder to tell you to do the assignment the night before it’s due. While paper homework diaries are often forgotten, you’re less likely to forget something that is omnipresent on your phone or computer. Get a homework diary app: it will be a gradesaver.

This is a guest post by Paul Ferdinand. Occasional guest blogger on travel and full time on private schools. Paul currently represents Bales College. Founded in 1996, Bales College is one of the older established London’s independent co-educational colleges.

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