What Do You Need From A Mobile Phone?

Everyone seems to have a smartphone nowadays and it is becoming a fashion statement rather than a mobile phone. They are so prevalent and accessible that those who don’t have one are deemed insignificant or behind the times.

There is no disputing the fact that these devices are extremely clever and advanced but do you actually need all of the features contained within it? You have got ask yourself if you need a mobile app that lets you find out what song is playing in the background, it just all seems a little farfetched and unnecessary to me.

The primary purpose of a mobile phone is to call people and in recent years to text as well.

If you have a phone that does this then it has satisfied the main objective, so why have we all become so hung up on the extras? Simply put we are the efficient generation, people want things doing now and hate waiting and these smartphones provide all of the access we need to get things done quickly.

The high speed internet access is without doubt incredible and can give the user unprecedented freedom to speedily roam the internet.

The Basics

Fundamentally you need a phone that can enable you to make calls and if necessary text messages. There are so many new additions on mobile phones nowadays and it is becoming increasingly tough to decide what company to go for and what device.

For many people the extras are the greatest appeal of this new breed of mobile phone but for me so long as the basics are adhered to it doesn’t matter in the slightest. They are in my opinion a waste of money and you can’t relax with your phone through fear of dropping it or getting it stolen.

I appreciate that they are very high quality and they look kind of cool but do you really need them? They are just an added worry and aren’t necessary but they are here to stay, there is certainly no disputing that.

I will now highlight what these added extras are and how they are going to impact on the future of mobile phone development.

The Extras

Whether you have an android or an iPhone, the developments in recent years have been staggering. Mobile apps have dramatically increased and app development is now a huge industry in itself, especially if you are skilled at developing C plusplus games and other platforms.

They are the key selling point (apart from high speed internet access) of these phones and have to keep evolving if they are to keep an audience engaged. You can play games, use a calendar, record high resolution video, capture pictures all with the greatest of ease, they are pretty incredible mini computers.

The Future

The future of technology is infinite, there is no end point and the development will keep expanding on an almost daily basis. There is so much money to be made and these large corporations love making the big bucks, personally I feel mobile technology is a little unnecessary but for many they strong believe in it.

Tim is a writer with a love for modern technology and loves to write about the way it has developed in recent years. There is much diversity and room for expansion in this industry and it is the greatest appeal for him.

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