Top Tips To Get The Best Broadband

We all want to get the best broadband we can. Of course we have budget constraints in some circumstances, but we want to have the maximum speed, reliability, and usage allowance to enable us to get the best Internet experience that we can.

After all, many of our favourite TV channels are now available online through services such as BBC iPlayer, iTV iPlayer, Sky Go, and 4 on Demand. In addition, more of us are opting for an online movie rental service such as NetFlix or LoveFilm. Even browsing the Internet and journeying around Facebook is much better on a fast connection.

Here are the top tips to achieve this good connection.

Get The Right Provider

Different providers offer different services. One of the biggest decisions to make is who you think will provide you with the best service. Some companies, such as TalkTalk, have a very limited “unlimited” package. They only offer around 40Gb per month. Some companies, such as Sky, have truly unlimited broadband with no restrictions. It may be that you want to bundle digital TV, phone, and broadband; Virgin Media broadband is the fastest broadband available.

Understand Your Usage Profile

It is important to understand how much Internet use the broadband will get. That involves looking at the activities of everyone using the connection, and working out what would be the correct data limit to purchase. If there are multiple people all streaming, gaming, or talking over the Internet, then it’s likely you’ll need an unlimited package. A high definition film can consume between 2GB and 5GB of data allowance. With medium usage set between 20GB and 30GB per month usually, 3 or 4 films can really dent the allowance.

Fair Usage Policies

Read the small print of providers and make sure that you understand the fair usage policies of different offerings. Virgin manages traffic heavily during peak hours to enable a decent connection for all, and they also impose limits on the amount of data that you can use. TalkTalk has an unlimited package that actually only allows 40GB of data each month. So look at the small print and don’t just buy off the headline rates and clever marketing.

Getting the Setup Right

It’s also important to get the setup right for your home. If you are on ADSL, then your broadband router should be in an unobstructed position and plugged in through the main telephone socket through a microfilter. Microfilters should be placed at all telephone points and you should ensure that there are no electrical devices near to the router to interfere with it.

Look for Additional Benefits

If you’re getting a package then you may be able to get additional benefits through your purchase. For example, if you miss calls, you may find yourself asking, “who calls me?”, in which case you will want “ring back” services on your phone and answer phones. It’s even possible to get a package that includes a phone that can block unwanted calls. Getting a phone, broadband, and digital TV bundles can offer you really excellent lifestyle opportunities and enhance your home life.

Don’t Buy the Cheapest

When you’re purchasing broadband don’t just look for the cheapest rates and biggest promises. Assess the deals and look for something that represents value for money. Plusnet broadband have won multiple awards at the value and high-end of the market, and are certainly a provider that stands out. Sky offer excellent bundled packages and their broadband is truly unlimited. Virgin is the fastest provider of fiber optic broadband, but do limit and shape traffic. Take all of this into consideration before you go ahead.

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