Top Five Money Saving Apps

Everyone loves saving money, and now there are even apps to help you with your mission.  We have moved on, technologically, from the piggy bank, but the end goal remains the same.  Sure, saving up your pennies, selling old, shipping off clothes on eBay and generally cost cutting are all still great methods of saving up some much needed cash, but for those of us who need a little helping hand, apps can be a saving grace.

With apps developing each day, there are literally thousands that can help you to save up your pennies, but we have selected our top five to get you started.

1. 0870

0870 is a genius app that not only saves you money, but too removes some of the frustration associated with making long, drawn out and expensive calls to 0870 numbers.  The phone calls are converted to 01 or 02 numbers and thus either come out of your monthly allowance or are charged at your standard rate.

2. Fuel School

With Petrol prices causing everyone a financial headache, Fuel School helps to reduce the costs of your consumption by a reported 10pc.  By analysing your driving style through a GPS connection, the app also advises you on how to drive more efficiently, not only saving on fuel, but too on unnecessary maintenance costs.

3. iXpenseIt

This app simply helps you to manage your finances, and although not revolutionary can provide the helping had that many of us require.  Although some may be reluctant to fork out the £2.99 on the full version, there is also a ‘lite’ version available for those who wish to try before they buy.

4. AA Parking

Another driving related app, AA Parking can help car users to locate cheap and free parking spaces.  Once again, not only can this save you a lot of time and money, but also it removes some of the associated frustration.  With real time updates, the app can also help you locate spaces on busy weekends or bank holidays.

5. Skype

Although perhaps already more familiar to many of you than some of the other apps, Skype is an excellent money saver, as well as a great way of connecting with your friends and family.  Whether at home or abroad, Skype can be a great way of saving on calls, plus you get the added extra of being able to see who you are talking to.  All you need is an internet connection to receive free calls to both the UK and overseas.

Final Thoughts

Traditional money saving techniques are still as useful today as they were a hundred years ago.  The world is, however, constantly evolving and thus keeping up to date with money saving technology is a great way to give your bank balance a boost.

All apps are available for iPhone and Andriod.

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