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I think you will agree that having a reliable DVD ripper is not an excess today. We all know that using CDs and DVDs (even not that frequently) causes them to be scratched severely. I am still using DVDs and I try to handle them with maximum care, but yet my lovely old ones like Gladiator and Braveheart are already getting worn out.

The other reason is that sometimes we want to encode the film into a different format (for example, to watch it on the way to work or university on our tablet), because at the present day among all devices I have only one reads DVDs. And this is my desktop. My Mac Book Air, and all other devices haven’t made friends with DVDs because they cannot. But still I want to watch something on them and here a DVD ripper becomes handy once again.

The third variant could be that – you have just rented a new video from the store, and you want to keep it. Here comes the DVD ripper again, and after a piece of work you can keep the film on your HDD. That’s why today we are going to inspect a few DVD ripper tools, examine briefly their pros and cons, and check out which are the best for different platforms (personally I use both Windows and Mac OS X on my MacBook, so this is a very lively issue for me).


A very nice tool for guys who are not going to make some extra-serious operations with video. Yet this is a very reliable and quickly-working tool. It is free and is a cross-platform tool, which is so handy for me. I have been using it already a couple of years, and I have no complaints about this product. It has been developed by people who knew what they were doing. It has a very simple and understandable interface, it works without freezing which sometimes happens to rippers, and consequently to the encoded films. The multitude of file formats will work with Apple and traditional PC fans (including iPods, iPads and other gadgets).


An application exclusively for Mac users. It is very reliable, extremely easy to use (as the Mac itself in fact) and has a few pleasant features which help handle DVD collections and much more. I have been using it for several weeks, using the trial period. It is even a bit more pleasant to use than HandBrake, but it is made particularly for Macs, and I need cross-platforming – so I left it and went back to HandBrake.

DVD Shrink

A really nice tool for Windows users. It is a professional tool in fact – because anything you can imagine concerning DVD ripping is present in it. The development of this product was stopped though, but still it remains among the favorite programs for Windows OS in the sphere of ripping and backing up DVDs. It has a lot of features and adjustments, which can hardly be explained in a single description. Just try it out and you will understand everything on your own, and it free as well.

DVDFab HD Decrypter

A nice tool which can easily break through even the toughest protection system, and therefore it is highly regarded by many users. It works only under Windows unfortunately, or otherwise I would not hesitate to install it and use it because personally I haven’t met a more powerful tool for breaking through DVD protection.

DVD Decrypter

Also a very nice program I have tried. It is not as easy to use as HandBrake or MacTheRipper, but still it perfectly breaks the protection of DVDs (in fact, it breaks better than any Mac OS application does). Like DVD Shrink, it hasn’t been developed during some time, but nevertheless it works perfectly for many, many people.

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