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Your iPhone can send texts in a second and help you order pizza late at night, but do you know it can also help out with your beauty routine? There are many great beauty apps that have been developed to help men as well as women look their best while they are on the go. All you have to do is download the app of your choice and you will be ready to enjoy all the benefits of having it!

InStyle Hairstyle Try-On

Have you ever wondered how extremely short hair would look on you? Or have you ever thought about dying your hair a different color? Well, this is the app you need if you want to experiment without having to actually change your hair. You can upload an actual picture of yourself and then choose from all the most popular hairstyles that celebrities are currently sporting. You can even choose the hairstyle that works best based on your face shape.

There’s no reason to go to the salon and chance a brand new hairstyle that you aren’t sure about. With this app you will be able to see a virtual version of the hair you like on yourself. This only takes a few minutes and can make a big difference with the style you actually end up going with. This may even save you money on salon fees if you normally can’t make up your mind!


This app is great if you have ever wanted to know how to do certain makeup or hair looks, but didn’t know how. It’s packed full of free tutorials that walk you through different beauty looks by step so you won’t mess up! There are also expert tips and reviews from other people who have done the styles as well. You can save a lot of time and money by using this app instead of going to the salon.

This app is one of the easiest beauty apps to use, which means you won’t have to take a learning course just to use it. Everything from the navigation to the tips are easy to go through. There are always new looks being added so there are endless things you can try on yourself or someone else.


Lancome’s app is full of great information about their products, but it’s also full of virtual models! You can use the different Lancome products on the app to apply makeup to the virtual model. This can teach you how to do different makeup looks with products that you can easily go out and purchase. There are also expert tips given so you know exactly how to make the look come out how you want.

These are only a few of the beauty apps that are available for the iPhone. These can easily be downloaded and then accessed whenever you want to use them! You can download these today and enjoy using them to look better and feel more confident. The best part is that all of these are free to download so there’s no financial strain to think about.

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