Top 10 IPhone Apps In 2013

With thousands of apps to choose from, it can get a bit overwhelming to decide which ones are worth the space on your Iphone.

Well, here is a narrowed list of the Top 10 Iphone apps in 2013 to help you find the latest and the greatest!

Google Maps

Google maps may be one of the most used navigation tools out there, and as an app it really makes life easier. Apple had some shortcomings with their first release of their new mapping system that actually comes with the iPhone, so it’s always good to have other options.

Google created something user friendly, seamless, and extremely accurate. The app has voice navigation, traffic updates, and step by step guidance for any place you tell it to go!

So, without totally converting to Android, you can still get a piece of google with this amazing app. The best part about it, it’s free!


Instagram is the #number2 #greatestappof2013. Ahh, the little old pound sign that became one of the internet’s most used forms of ‘tagging’.

Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is a picture sharing social networking site that uses ‘hashtags’ as a way to tag and link similar phrases or words. We had first seen this with the social networking site Twitter, and Instagram seemed to follow suit.


In case you wanted another way to share pictures with friends, I’m here to tell you about Snapchat, another free picture sharing app.

Unlike other picture sharing apps, snapchats are seen in a ‘snap’, literally. The longest you can share a picture or video is for 10 seconds, and it’s gone.

This can be good or bad, I’ll let you decide for yourself. It may not seem like the most useful app, but it’s enough for Facebook to offer 3 billion to acquire it; however, they were still denied.

The #1 budget website for tracking finances has an app, so you can always be on top of your finances!

Mint helps you stay on track by creating a specific budget for all of your spending and bills. It even lets you see balances on all your accounts, and when certain fees are charged to them.

It gives you access to seeing all your accounts in one place, which is a great concept.


Health is always perceived as working your body into fitness, but not many think of mental health as being equally important. Introducing, Lumosity!

It’s a way for you to test your ‘mental health’ by testing things such as speed, memory, and problem solving. It keeps your reports personalized, and lets you know your score in each area.

Next time you need a break from the work day, take a lumosity test on your phone and see how well you rank!


Vine is one of the newer social media crazes. “Vining” is posting 6 second videos for your friends to see. Yes, only 6 seconds.

There are different categories that allow you to browse by comedy, dogs, cats, family, and more.

The idea with the short time allowed, it seems to allow creation of comical videos more than anything else.

There are also Facebook pages and websites out there that collaborate the funniest vines into one area. They can get pretty creative for 6 seconds of fame!


There are many fitness apps out there that can keep you in line with your goals, but this one is a must-have.

MyFitnesspal is the social networking of fitness. You can add friends, create a profile, and share your progress with a huge network all over the world.

One of the best ways of achieving your goals and staying in shape is to share it with others going for the same goals. This app offers a tracker with a food database for basically every kind of food, and with the touch of a few buttons, you can have your entire day of meals in the database with a total calorie count.

Also, when you burn those calories exercising, it subtracts those from your total intake, and tells you how much you would lose if you kept on that track. Now you never have an excuse for not tracking your food again!

Candy Crush Saga

The game that pretty much took over the universe and your life if you ended up playing it even just once: Candy Crush Sage. It’s a game of decision and moving different candy pieces to form patterns.

There are about 350 levels, and the higher in levels you go, the more difficult the game becomes.

If you want to get in on this addictive game, check out some tips for success here.


If you love listening to music on your phone, but don’t feel the need to purchase songs and have them actually on your phone, music streaming from the internet is the way to go!

Pandora offers multiple channels for any sort of music you are interested in, and once you have an account it saves them on ‘Your favorite stations’ list.

It plays songs according to the genre or artist you search. You can play it anywhere or anytime, at no cost to you.


Last but not least, the social media phenomenon even your grandmother is on: Facebook! It is part of the top apps of 2013 mainly because it is on every iPhone you see (almost), and is used on a daily (multiple times!) bases.

In 2013, they made some great updates to go with IOS7, which has made the app extremely useful. They even separated their Facebook messenger into its own app, so messages can be sent outside of the original app.

Facebook is the most used social media site, and if it were a country, it would be the fourth largest in the world. Pretty interesting!

So there you have it. Top 10 apps of 2013. If you haven’t tried them already, download them on your IPhone and give them a run. Who knows what 2014 will bring – you have to keep up with the innovations, or you’ll fall behind.

By Ivana Zuber

Ivana Zuber is a software developer, entrepreneur, passionate blogger, and the owner of BloggLess. When she is not reading, writing, or coding, you can find her jogging outside or hanging around social media sites.

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