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In the last decade, iPhones have become as attached to our daily lives as our car keys. iPhone users know they’re not just pretty for gadget geeks to look at and admire, but are very useful. Any business person, or anyone for that matter, who frequently travels knows just how stressful and time consuming planning your destination, and actually getting there can be. Though there are literally tens of thousands of iPhone apps a user can sift through, thanks to Apple, there are quite a few apps specifically designed for those who travel that can insure both their planning and execution go off without a hitch.


Any traveler can easily get ripped off at a corner shop when they aren’t aware of the exchange rates between the currency in U.S. dollars and the local foreign currency. The Currency app not only calculates each foreign exchange you make and works with more than a hundred different currencies, but allows the user to update the information wherever they have Internet access.

TravelTracker Pro

This app stores and organizes all your vital travel information on a user-friendly itinerary screen. It displays live flight schedules, their current status and notifies you of any cancellations, and tacks live weather maps of your destined location. It also integrates with TripIt, which makes it even easier to update new travel information.


Have a lot of recommendations of places to see on your trip? This app will not only organize all your planned stops into one easy map, but display the best routes for getting to each one. It also allows for frequent updates, so when someone tells you about that hot Burmese restaurant in Detroit, the Fortune Cookie Factory in Frisco, or the great rib joint in Honolulu, you can instantly add it to your saved map list of each city.


Babelingo is a must-have for anyone traveling to foreign lands where its citizens speak in unknown tongues. This app offers up to three hundred of the most vital phrases in eleven languages. It not only allows the user to create a favorites database of the most used phrases for easy access, but offers a button for a second party so they too can translate phrases to the user from their own language.


If it’s important to have a record of your business expenses, this app is just what you need to organize all your odometer entries, mileage and lunch receipts with a built-in scanning feature. Log everything from coffee buys to miles driven and then submit a report of all your expenses to your boss or tax accountant right from your iOS device.


This app is the perfect business tool that is capable of creating and displaying presentations on-the-go and then exporting them to any iPhone or iPad Touch. It not only offers ten high quality themes and several different animation types for some of the most professionally created presentations while you wait in between transits, but the ability to add slides and then publish it online for your website, blog or just to show your friends.


Say goodbye to speeding tickets by just tapping the app’s map interface, which is tracked via GPS, while you’re driving and instantly spot all cop cars with radar guns in your vicinity. The reports then go to a database, which allows alerts for other drivers in the area who also have the app.

Taxi Magic

No more phone calls are needed when hailing a taxi because this is actually the first one-click online taxi booking service that has been integrated with taxi dispatch systems directly. The customer can even keep track of its arrival via dispatch updates from a map view.


This app allows the ability to make on-the-go reservation, even at the last minute, at any of the more than 15,000 listed restaurants in the United States, U.K. and Canada. The user can refine their search from a user-friendly interface according to price, type of cuisine, reservation time and points rewarded from critical reviews. The app also offers a feature that alerts the user to any open tables at some of the nearest restaurants in the area.


Yammer offers a total social network enterprise for employees to communicate and share information. Employees using this app can connect with one another and discuss ideas, share links and other data from anywhere in the world, in a very secure forum.

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    This post is named incorrectly, because it’s focused only on the iPhone users, not mobile geeks in general. I am glad to read it, but since I have not owned any iPhone ever, I would have never clicked the title on Twitter.

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    For me the best app for geeks is this. Althought it’s pretty difficult to pass the levels


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