The Drastic Rise in Cell Phone Use Today

There are currently more than 6.8 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide, almost matching the number of humans on planet Earth itself. Since the early developments of mobile-like phones in the 1900′s, cell phones have come a long way and are now found in most households in all countries.

Mobile Phone Development Over Time

In 1918, German military trains were known to use phone devices that were similar to mobile electronics to communicate. In 1926, the German mail service offered mobile phones to first class passengers who were boarding trains. In 1931, a children’s book description written by Erich Kastner depicts a future utopia where cell phone use is common among all people. In the 1940′s, mobile phones became available in some select US cities within luxury vehicles. In 1961, Leonid Kupriyanovich, working as a soviet engineer, presents a handheld mobile phone device, which is one of the first models of the actual cell phone.

In 1973, Motorola became the very first company to manufacture and produce a mobile phone that was handheld. By 1978, 1G service is introduced to the mobile market. In the 1990′s, cell phone use widely expands and 2G service is introduced to various companies in the industry. In 2001, 3G service is released, prompting a surge in the purchase of mobile phones. By 2009, 4G service was developed and release, giving mobile phone users the ability to browse the Internet, video chat, text and handle various applications seamlessly and without waiting for downloads or the Internet itself to load.

Currently, there are approximately 96 cell phone subscriptions for every 100 people on the entire planet. Four out of all five shoppers use their mobile phones to make purchases. Mobile payments and sales have increased from $105.9 billion in 2011 to more than $171.5 billion in 2012. In the Americas, there are 109 subscriptions for mobile phones for every 100 individuals, compared to Africa, with 63 cell phone subscriptions for every 100 citizens.

Understanding how cell phone use and mobile subscriptions have grown in the past century is a way to gain insights into the future of technology and the types of communication that will soon be available.

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