The Dawn of the Mobile Web

When you woke up this morning chances are you checked a web page or you email using a mobile device. You were not alone – web traffic from mobile devices such as phones and tablets has been on the increase since 2010. This trend is set to continue in the near future, one could even go as far as claiming that this is a new Internet revolution. And – without doubt, it is highly lucrative for existing and new businesses on the web.

Users want access to the Internet wherever they go, be it on the daily work commute or even while shopping or travelling. Mobile devices are giving online businesses opportunities to tap into a brand new class of visitors – those “on the run”, quite often with a goal of spending their money.

However, this doesn’t come without its challenges, for example web designers are facing the need of cramming information from websites into a smaller, less functional mobile-friendly format. That has meant using a screen real estate up to five times smaller compared to a desktop computer. Despite all the obstacles of arriving at a user-friendly mobile website version, those webmasters who continue ignoring the growing mobile web trend may miss out on one of the most exciting business opportunities of the decade.

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