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The Drastic Rise in Cell Phone Use Today

There are currently more than 6.8 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide, almost matching the number of humans on planet Earth itself. Since the early developments of mobile-like phones in the 1900's, cell phones have come a long way and are now found in most households in all countries. Mobile Phone Development ...

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How Women Are Changing The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry used to be considered a man’s world. Majority of the games were designed for and by men but the tide is now turning and more women are getting into gaming. This is both as gamers and as programmers. Here is a quick look at how women are changing ...

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4 Trusty IOS Apps For The SEO-savvy Business Owner

It doesn't need to be told twice that every business MUST have a good website too. And for every good website to succeed, it needs good SEO. Now, we know this is some tricky territory, especially if you are a small business owner. After all, how do you know who's ...

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The Early Life of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is perhaps one of the most interesting people alive. Despite having Lou Gehrig’s disease and very little control of his voluntary muscles, he has been able to craft many brilliant theories that have advanced the field of physics and astronomy. Hawking’s early life was full of strange decisions ...

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Top 10 IPhone Apps In 2013

With thousands of apps to choose from, it can get a bit overwhelming to decide which ones are worth the space on your Iphone. Well, here is a narrowed list of the Top 10 Iphone apps in 2013 to help you find the latest and the greatest! Google Maps Google maps may be ...

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Samsung: From Small Business to Worldwide Corporate Empire

Samsung, like many successful businesses, started small. The company was founded in pre-World War II Korea as a vegetable and fish exporter, a far cry from the company’s modern, high-tech operations. As is also true of the most successful businesses, Samsung has evolved with the times, staying just ahead of ...

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Seven Best Apps To Save Money

Smartphone apps have opened up a new world of fitness, gaming, and even finance. Trying to wade through the hundreds of personal finance apps to figure out which are the most helpful can be a challenge. When trying to stretch your budget, these seven apps can help you save, scrimp, ...

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What Do You Need From A Mobile Phone?

Everyone seems to have a smartphone nowadays and it is becoming a fashion statement rather than a mobile phone. They are so prevalent and accessible that those who don’t have one are deemed insignificant or behind the times. There is no disputing the fact that these devices are extremely clever and ...

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Silicon Valley’s Power of the Mind

Silicon Valley’s power of the mind can be seen in the way companies worldwide are scouting for mind power. The statistics behind the brain power behind companies within the Silicon Valley area can be seen with the financial gain these organizations have garnered. To take every detail into perspective, it ...

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How to Clean Up Your Computer and Keep It Speedy

There are some basic things that the end computer user can do that will make all the difference in the world to a long and happy life with your PC. You just have to practice some ways to prevent and clean up PC errors before they happen. It starts with ...

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