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The Drastic Rise in Cell Phone Use Today

There are currently more than 6.8 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide, almost matching the number of humans on planet Earth itself. Since the early developments of mobile-like phones in the 1900's, cell phones have come a long way and are now found in most households in all countries. Mobile Phone Development ...

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3 Top Applications For Picasa Users

Photo album has become so popular in the recent times. Not only is it used to preserve shots from precious moments, it has also become a great marketing tool that many firms, businesses and entrepreneurs take advantage of to get their business views and proposals closer to potential customers. Now with ...

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The Dawn of the Mobile Web

When you woke up this morning chances are you checked a web page or you email using a mobile device. You were not alone – web traffic from mobile devices such as phones and tablets has been on the increase since 2010. This trend is set to continue in the ...

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Top Tips To Get The Best Broadband

We all want to get the best broadband we can. Of course we have budget constraints in some circumstances, but we want to have the maximum speed, reliability, and usage allowance to enable us to get the best Internet experience that we can. After all, many of our favourite TV channels ...

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8 Apps To Help A Busy Journalist

If you’re a budding journalist, getting stories ahead of the competition can often require keeping unpredictable and very busy schedules.  You need to be mobile and organised and  Android devices and iPhones are extremely handy tools when it comes to  managing all your tasks (and they contain some pretty useful ...

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5 Free Ways To Test Your Site For Mobile Capability

If you’re wondering what to focus on as you invest in building your online business or brand, the importance of mobile optimization cannot be emphasized enough. As ecommerce has been on the rise, so has the use of mobile devices to browse and make purchases online. Leading researchers predict mobile ...

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Tech Speak For The Technophobe

Let’s face it. Some of us are more techno-morons than there are techno-savvy experts who are always attuned to the latest developments of the mobile industry. So if your being a smartphone caveperson is beginning to bother you, here are some mobile phone jargons which you need to learn about ...

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