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Top 10 IPhone Apps In 2013

With thousands of apps to choose from, it can get a bit overwhelming to decide which ones are worth the space on your Iphone. Well, here is a narrowed list of the Top 10 Iphone apps in 2013 to help you find the latest and the greatest! Google Maps Google maps may be ...

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Top 5 Android Apps

If you have recently purchased an Android phone, you will find yourself spoiled for choice with regards to the range of apps on offer. Whether you are seeking an app that helps you to create professional documents on the go, keeps you up to date with the weather in your ...

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How to Restore Google Maps on Your IOS6 Apple Gadgets

One controversial move that Apple made with the release of their iOS 6 mobile operating system was the removal of the official Google Maps application. The app, which was natively installed on all iOS devices since the platform’s inception, was replaced with an official Apple Maps application. The first party ...

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8 Cheap and Free Apps for International Travel

Smart phones sure do come in handy for travelling, particularly out of country travel. There are apps available for nearly everything you might want or need, and then some. Your smart phone can act as your travel guide, destination planner and entertainment source during airport layovers. You can find apps ...

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