Could Coccolithophores Save The Earth From Global Warming ?

Ever heard of Coccolithophores? Despite their small size and their weird name, these tiny single-celled marine organisms are major regulators of global climate.

Most of the models used to predict climate change are based on ocean level, carbon dioxide and temperature measurements but fail to integrate marine ecosystems in their projections.

Actually, the whole process of climate and gas regulation by marine organisms is so complex that it is quite impossible to integrate in already complex models...and much more impossible to explain in details in this artile. I'll try to do my best to keep it simple, concentrating on one of the top players, the Coccolithophores.

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Researchers Cast Doubt On Role Of Free Radicals In Aging

For more than 40 years, the prevailing explanation of why we get old has been tied to what is called oxidative stress. This theory postulates that when molecules like free radicals, oxygen ions and peroxides build up in cells, they overwhelm the cells’ ability to repair the damage they cause, and the cells age.

An industry of “alternative” antioxidant therapies -- such as Vitamin E or CoQ10 supplements in megadose format --has sprung up as the result of this theory. However, clinical trials have not shown that these treatments have statistically significant effects.

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