Beginner to Pro: Great UK Golf Courses

Golf has long been an activity appealing to businesses, sporting superstars, and pro-golfers themselves; however it is now a sport that is accessible throughout the UK for many others who want to give it a go. We’ve found a few great UK golf courses, ranging from those ideal for beginners to the toughest of the lot. And don’t worry if your first few shots hit a water hazard or the bunkers; it’s all part of the learning process !

Ideal for beginners

Faringdon Golf Course: This course in Oxfordshire is ideally suited to the beginner in golf. The feel of Faringdon is friendly in nature, which should result in a relaxed game. Luckily there is no strict dress codes here, allowing you to wear trainers if you haven’t already bought shoes designed for golfing. Take advantage of the lessons available for each and every aspect of your game.

Ideal for intermediates

Kingsbarn Golf Links: Scotland certainly isn’t short of great golf courses too. Kingsbarn is one of the pricier golf courses of the UK, but it has been illustrated as having perfect terrain for golf. Here you will find rippling fairways, humps, and hollows, but you will also be exposed to the wild environment too. The North Sea is visible from virtually every part of the course, supplying a majestic edge to your game. Be prepared to be challenged here, but you are likely to learn a lot about your game too.

Ideal for experienced

Westerwood Hotel and Golf Resort: Westerwood is one of the UKs great golf hotels as it is paired with a striking and challenging course. The 18 hole course is described as one of «Scotland’s best kept secrets». It is easy to see why someone would want to keep it secret, but it is too good not to share. The highlight of the course is the par 3 15th hole, aptly named the «Waterfall hole». You’ll understand when you get there, but you can expect to have your pulse racing when you hit from above onto a green surrounded by a 60ft rock face.

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