Silicon Valley’s Power of the Mind

Silicon Valley’s power of the mind can be seen in the way companies worldwide are scouting for mind power. The statistics behind the brain power behind companies within the Silicon Valley area can be seen with the financial gain these organizations have garnered. To take every detail into perspective, it is important to look at certain facts.

There are close to 462 capital firms that are currently active in the United States. Out of these companies, each is investing at least a good $5 million in a variety of companies. The average size of a fund’s venture tends to fall around the $149 million mark. Approximately 1,022 venture firms existed in the year 2000, and these are firms that are at the very top of the heap in the technology world. During the decade of 2000 to 2010, these venture firms spent around $176.6 billion. Also, based on statistics in the 2011 Venture Impact Study, companies that have been venture based average around 11.87 million jobs. In terms of money, these organizations have also amassed $3.1 trillion in revenue throughout the United States. Private sector employment in these companies is around 11 percent and the totals can be compared to 21 percent of GDP.

In the time from 2009 through the second quarter of 2013, venture funds have gained a considerable amount of fundraising. In 2009, there were 161 funds that gained $16.2 million. In 2010, 173 funds garnered $13.4 million. In 2011, 186 venture funds earned $19 million. There was a slight jump in 2012 by 213 venture funds, which earned $19.7 million and up through the second quarter of 2013, 88 funds earned $7.2 million. An interesting statistic to note is that in 2010, venture capitalists invested close to $22 billion into around 2,749 organizations, and approximately 1,001 of these companies earned funding for the very first time.

There are generally more startups being created in the Silicon Valley area than anywhere else in the United States. It is believed that the Valley’s state of mind regarding entrepreneurship has been 170 years in the making and that it appears there are more creative individuals there than anywhere else.

Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley can oddly be dated all the way back to the 1840s, when there was a gold rush in Northern California. Throughout the 20th century, many people in the business world have invested money in various companies. In 1946, the very first venture capital firms were created in the country.

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