Seven Best Apps To Save Money

Smartphone apps have opened up a new world of fitness, gaming, and even finance. Trying to wade through the hundreds of personal finance apps to figure out which are the most helpful can be a challenge. When trying to stretch your budget, these seven apps can help you save, scrimp, and splurge, when necessary.


Mint is the free, do-it-all budget app. If you haven’t been using the online platform, it’s time to sign up. Today, personal finances aren’t just relegated to a single bank account. Between credit cards, savings accounts, and checking accounts across multiple banks, keeping your finances under control can be a challenge. Mint distills all your money information into a single platform that can be accessed at a moment’s notice. It’s a completely free and completely safe way to get a handle on your money and control your spending.


With the constant flux of gas prices eating into your monthly budget, getting the best deal on gas is a necessity. Gasbuddy makes it easy to find the cheapest gas in your area using user input on gas station prices nationwide. Just jump on the app and enter your location. Gasbuddy will list all the nearby gas prices so you can fill your tank for cheap and be on your way.

Tip Calculator

Dining out with friends can get tricky once the check arrives. Figuring out how much you owe, let alone what to tip can involve a lot of debate and more than a little math. Tip Calculator solves the problem of splitting checks and leaving tips by doing the math for you. Never accidentally stiff a server or leave an unnecessarily gratuitous tip again. Tip Calculator can be downloaded free on the ITunes store.


If your idea of a lazy Sunday is wandering around the mall, Shopkick is a must-have app. Shopkick rewards you just for walking into stores. It aggregates clothes and accessories in your area and gives you “kicks” just for checking them out. Shopkick is part shopping buddy, part shopping bonus. Once you’ve gotten enough “kicks” from visiting stores, you get free gift cards.


RetailMeNot is another online site in app form that cannot be missed when searching for savings. RetailMeNot is a coupon aggregator for just about every store imaginable. Simply type in the store or brand you’re searching for and RetailMeNot will spit out a list of coupons that can be applied to your purchase. The RetailMeNot app makes coupon cutting a thing of the past with instant access to mobile coupons. Save in store and online with this useful app.


Ibotta is a neat app that pays you to go grocery shopping. Yes, that dreaded trip to the grocery store can look a little brighter with Ibotta offering money for purchasing the items you need weekly. Just check Ibotta before you go grocery shopping and take whatever deals fall in line with your needed groceries. Once you’re done, take a picture of the receipt and Ibotta will pay you for buying the item. There are additional ways to earn money using the app too but sign up now for an instant $10 in your account!


Impulsive shoppers should download this app immediately. ShopSavvy is a barcode scanner that looks up online and retail prices for the best price on every purchase. No longer do you have to stand in Best Buy wondering whether you could get those speakers cheaper on Amazon. ShopSavvy will answer the question in less time than it takes to find a sales associate.

Using your smart phone solely for calls and texts is a waste of the technology capabilities and applications offerings in our day and age. Adding money saving apps to your phone is a great way to keep on a budget and get all the best deals on the things you need to buy. You don’t have to work in technology to appreciate what it does to make a finding a good deal even easier!

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