Seven Apps Everyone Should Have On Their Phone

Apps. It’s sort of hard to remember that, under a decade ago, humans were living their lives without them. Think of any activity you undertake each day, and there is an app for that. Apps help you to make the most out of a smartphone or tablet device.

But, there are just so many apps out there: where do you start? Here are seven apps for work, rest and play that everyone should have on their phone.

For reading time: iBooks

iBooks is the best app for reading on your iPad or iPhone. You can use the app to purchase and download books through iTunes. However, using iBooks as a reading device is also a simple and pleasurable experience, with options to highlight key words, bookmark and adjust screen brightness.

For mindless entertainment: Angry Birds

It’s a classic of the genre, and for a good reason. Angry Birds sees you assuming control of a giant catapult that sends birds flying into the air as missiles to knock down the evil pigs’ fortresses. Or something like that. To be honest, the absurd story behind the game isn’t too important, which is probably why it has become such a favourite with commuters needing to wind down after a busy and stressful day.

For an emergency: Assistance

First aid is such an important skill, but very few people know how to administer it. This app gives you the basics in a format that allows you to search quickly and effectively, so that you have access to medical information in a matter of seconds.

For going on a run: Nike+ GPS

To use this app you need to have a pair of Nike running shoes with an insert for the Nike+ sensor. Needless to say, these don’t come cheap. But, if you are a fitness nut who is willing to make a bit of an investment into your running ‘career’, this is app is an excellent choice. The sensor tracks your route, step count, expected calorie burnt and more.

For translating text: Word Lens

While websites like Babelfish and Google Translate can give you a rough idea of what words in other languages mean, they aren’t very good for fieldwork. When you’re standing at the front of the queue for a food cart in Mexico, and cannot read a single thing on the menu, you need something much quicker and more practical. That is where Word Lens comes in. You just take a picture of text in a foreign language, and it translates it into English. Simple.

For taking happy snaps to share: Instagram

There’s a reason why this app has over 7 million users. Take photos on your phone or iPad and share them with your friends, or the world, using this popular app. The filters help you to personalise and share your photos.

For working on the go: Google Drive

Cloud computing software is the defining feature of modern workplaces, and this new offering from Google provides an easy and reliable service. You can store documents on the server in the same way as you would have stored a Google Document, but anyone in your team can access it and make changes from any of their devices. It’s hard to imagine what workplaces did before it.

Frances Ward is an app-nut from Sydney. Her app download could put some serious strain on a government data centre.

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