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Apple to Unveil The iPhone OS 3.0 on March 17

Apple will give a sneak preview of the new iPhone OS 3.0 to invite-only media at their Cupertino premises. The preview event will take place at Apple's Town Hall on March 17 at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time.

Speculations abound on the web that Apple will introduce much-requested features (by consumers) in the iPhone 3.0 OS. However, it looks like a development build preview version, which might be publicly shown off to developers at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2009.

What the iPhone OS 3.0 Update Might Really Mean (Melissa J. Perenson)

File this under random musings du jour. All the fuss about Apple's forthcoming iPhone OS 3.0 got me thinking. And in so thinking, I began to extrapolate. What if Apple is trying to beat Android to market with a mobile companion/Internet device/mini-notebook-like gadget?

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The New iPod Shuffle: How Minimal Can You Get?

Minimalism has been the prevailing aesthetic at Apple for some time. Products are monochromatic, mostly white or silver. Buttons, ports, or anything else that would spoil the clean lines of the design is held to an absolute minimum. The result has been beautiful products that sometimes sacrifice functionality to appearance.
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Why the Japanese Hate the iPhone

Apple's iPhone has wowed most of the globe — but not Japan, where the handset is selling so poorly it's being offered for free.

What's wrong with the iPhone, from a Japanese perspective? Almost everything: the high monthly data plans that go with it, its paucity of features, the low-quality camera, the unfashionable design and the fact that it's not Japanese.

In an effort to boost business, Japanese carrier SoftBank this week launched the "iPhone for Everybody" campaign, which gives away the 8-GB model of the iPhone 3G if customers agree to a two-year contract.

"The pricing has been completely out of whack with market reality," said Global Crown Research analyst Tero Kuittinen in regard to Apple's iPhone prices internationally. "I think they [Apple and its partners overseas] are in the process of adjusting to local conditions."

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At Mobile World Congress, Gear To Phone Home About

Get ready for a week of phone porn. The Mobile World Congress, the cellphone industry's version of the Consumer Electronics Show, kicks off in Barcelona, Spain, today.

Thousands of mobile-industry professionals will converge on the city to show off new gear, announce previously secret products and try to convince one another that the sector will weather the economic downturn.

Research group Strategy Analytics predicted last month that the global mobile phone market would shrink 9% in 2009.

There's a lot for the casual phone nerd to be excited about, including solar-powered phones, a Nokia applications store and Opera Turbo, which, sadly, is not an opera performed on motorbikes but a mobile Web browser.

In case you aren't traveling to Barcelona, here are some things to look out for from the comfort of your home:

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Wipedrive, the World Leader in Data Deletion Technology

Did you know that deleting files on your computer and then emptying the Recycle Bin DOES NOT REMOVE the data on it?

And formatting your disk does not work better.

After several formatting operations, most of your personal data can still be retrieved from your hard drive, even on a failed disk, using data recovery programs and free software tools.

Identity thieves know that most people don't know how to correctly erase hard drive data before giving their computer away. These thieves target personal information on discarded computers and use it to steal your identity.

If you are selling, donating or discarding a computer, you have to make sure that no personal information exists anymore on it.

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V-touch 4GB MP3/MP4/CAMERA/2.8

The V-Touch plays back videos on a 2.8" color TFT touch screen and supports MP3 and WMA audio files. There is a built-in speaker and also features a 2MP camera. The V-Touch also features an expandable MiniSD Card slot, a picture viewer, FM Radio, Voice Recorder and more!Touch Screen Media PlayerMovies, music, pictures, text files and more

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