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ipad lawyer

Top 6 iPad Apps That Every Lawyer Needs

A number of lawyers are turning to technology to help them work efficiently. The iPad has become a common feature among attorneys. This revolutionary gadget has helped to enhance efficiency in many law firms. The apps are convenient for those who want to create a paperless law practice, as well ...

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5 Great Tools for Your Multiple Facebook Pages Management

With its unmatched growth, sweeping reach and dashboard of tools aimed at helping us to connect deeply and meaningfully with each other, Facebook is in a league of its own when it comes to networking with colleagues and customers alike, allowing each of us to take our professional endeavors a ...

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iphone study

Why Homework Diary Apps Are a Procrastinating Student’s Best Friend

There is a rite of passage that many children go through when they return to school in September. They enter class on their first day back at school or university and they either break out a new homework diary or find that their school has nicely provided them with one. ...

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ipad music

Best Apps for Sheet Music

One of the biggest changes in the world of the arts in recent times has been the arrival of the tablet computer. This device has allowed users to become all the more creative when it comes to creating everything from music to painting and has really added an extra dimension. Though ...

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Tools to Organize Your Social Life Using Color Coding

My diary is a mess. I started keeping it a couple of years ago so I could have something immediately on hand in my mobile phone to remember important dates, appointments and social dates. I thought that I would finally be getting a handle on things so I could be ...

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4 Insurance Calculators for iPhone

Having an iPhone means having a virtual digital assistant on hand every time you need it, with a wide range of services covered by an even wider range of apps. Whether you need to crunch numbers, take notes or kill time, as the saying goes: there's an app for that. Thankfully ...

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Most Popular Q&A Sites Compared

Question and Answer websites have been around for awhile. Some were in the general format that they have remained over the years, such as Yahoo Answers and Quora. Others were more like search engines, such as AskJeeves. But they have always been a helpful element of the internet at large, ...

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5 Crowd-Sourced Dictionaries and How To Use Them

You might not know the definition of crowd-sourcing, but it is a technology you have almost certainly used on a semi-regular basis in the last couple of years. It is the process of putting together a website with user generated content. Anything that allows you to add or edit the ...

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open tool

Open Source Quality Assurance Tools for the Enterprise

Quality assurance is an important concept for every software development company as it ensures that the product they are releasing will function adequately. Many small enterprises are hesitant to invest in QA since it can be an expensive resource. To take a big peg out of the cost, many small ...

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Top 6 Free Eye Test Mobile Apps

Mobile phones are able to offer so much in the 21st Century, influencing every aspect of our lives and acting as the centre of the entertainment and media world. That said, it seems only natural that mobile phones can also act as a health care resource, providing bountiful information and ...

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