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Google’s Three Major Financial Players

It almost seems like a trick. Over 80% of all Internet users go to Google's free search engine if they want to find a website, but somehow Google is able to make billions of dollars. If you’re having a hard time finding out how Google is making money, then it’s ...

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5 Free Apps For Learning a Foreign Language

Learning a new language can be difficult, but fear no more. Applications have long been used for flinging birds across the screen to hit a pile of armless and legless pigs or cutting fruit with a samurai sword, but there's nothing saying that they can't also be used for making ...

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The Dawn of the Mobile Web

When you woke up this morning chances are you checked a web page or you email using a mobile device. You were not alone – web traffic from mobile devices such as phones and tablets has been on the increase since 2010. This trend is set to continue in the ...

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green phone

Free Green Apps For Your IPhone

Looking after the environment is easier now than ever. There are literally hundreds of apps to help you with just about every aspect of sustainability. From helping you measure your energy usage, to telling you what eco-friendly products to buy. Here are some of the best free green apps you ...

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3 Easy Steps To Make Your WordPress Site More Secure

WordPress is used by literally millions of people around the globe, powering an ever increasing variety of websites and blogs. There is however a dark side to this popularity. It seems that more and more users are being targeted by hackers. One of the more recent issues concerns what experts refer ...

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Facebook By Numbers

Social networking is a phrase that meant nothing to most people just a few short years ago and now seems a ubiquitous part of the landscape of our lives. Where we find those social networks keep changing though. In the mid-2000s, every band needed a MySpace presence, and the site ...

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College Travel Tip: Using Social Media to Find A Roomie

Most people think of vacation or business when they think of reasons to travel, but what about traveling and staying for a term while attending college? If you think about it, there are millions of college students who are essentially on extended stays on campuses all over the world. And ...

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Top Tips To Get The Best Broadband

We all want to get the best broadband we can. Of course we have budget constraints in some circumstances, but we want to have the maximum speed, reliability, and usage allowance to enable us to get the best Internet experience that we can. After all, many of our favourite TV channels ...

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cost effective communication

Cost Effective Communication Options For Start-up Businesses

Starting up a new business is always an invigorating challenge. One of the biggest hurdles to jump is finding a useful, yet cost-effective communication system. In today’s modern era, a business cannot survive without being linked into the digital age. In this article, we will look at some of the options small ...

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Four Of The Best Word Processing Programs Available For Mac

While Mac computers are known for their innovative technology, some people find it difficult to access the best programs that will allow them to get their work done efficiently each day. Many Mac users may find it hard to find suitable programs to use on their systems for purposes of ...

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