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Quality assurance is an important concept for every software development company as it ensures that the product they are releasing will function adequately. Many small enterprises are hesitant to invest in QA since it can be an expensive resource. To take a big peg out of the cost, many small businesses decide to utilize open-source quality assurance tools on the web. While these options are not as effective as custom made programs tailored to a companies’ specific needs, they do make a QA department’s life a bit easier while still being cost effective. Here are some that stand above the crowd, being free while still comprehensive.

Abbot Java GUI Test Framework

This framework is designed to test Java UI. It combines Abbot, the section that allows users to test drive UI components, and Costello which allows you to launch the program and use it within the application.

T-Plan Robot

A fairly comprehensive program that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as mobile platforms like Android, Windows Mobile, and iOS. It tests a large variety of systems and applications by utilizing Java, C++/C#, .NET, web browsers, and mobile devices. The program also has a large and supportive community.


A testing framework designed to give an easy way to write tests that check the functionality of web applications or XML Web services. Developers can test sending HTTP/HTTPS requests to web servers.


A framework designed to test web applications. It supports a large variety of languages including C# and Java among others. Tests can be run in most modern browsers and it runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


Designed to test automated web browsers, it allows users to easily write their own tests that are simple and comprehensive. It only supports Internet Explorer on Windows, but its WebDriver supports Chrome, Firefox, and a few other browsers as well.


A graphical Eclipse plugin that is compatible with Watir tests, it increases testing speed and makes tests easier to write. It also providing abstractions to make tests easier to reuse. It utilizes its own Page/state concepts that allows users to model applications as graphs of states, record texts from Firefox into the editor and identify page elements based on indicators and context.

These programs are fairly specific in function but free and very useful to quality assurance groups for any number of reasons. This is also just a small fragment of the open-source material on the web, and although eventually an enterprise will probably want to upgrade to some custom software when financially possible, these programs are more than good enough for businesses that just need to get on their feet.

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