Monitor Airline Flight Paths With These Useful Tools

When was the last time you went to pick someone up at the airport and got there at the right time? Chances are, that has never happened to you in your life. It is nearly impossible not to get there too early or too late, and in the end someone has to wait for the other.

This is one of the greatest frustrations of flying, perhaps even worse than standing in the endless security line and having your bits prodded. While you might think it is a necessary evil. There are actually ways around it (the flight time dilemma, not security… you’re stuck with that one).

Instead of leaving it up to guess work, you can use various resources to track flight paths. Different websites and even apps keep track of a plane’s progress through the air, offering up to date information on its current location and estimated arrival time.

You can use any number of tools for this purpose, but here are some of the best.



The main feature here is a tracker that works by putting in the flight number + airline code. But they also track flights between airports, or by city/state. You can also select by airline, such as Air Canada or Southwest. Everything is shown on a map, tracking the most recently updated location based on pilot coordinate reports.

On the front page, you will find a series of interesting articles on different travel topics like the one on best frequent flyer program or attractions in Chicago. That includes what airline offers the best frequent flier programs, current events that are affecting travel and more.

If you are on the go, you can use their mobile website that has the same features.



A more comprehensive tracker, you can find any specific flight, or look at all flights leaving from or returning to any airport in the world. This is handy, if you don’t have the specific flight code. You can also search by scheduled time of departure or arrival, as well as several other factors.

The results page gives the list of flights, whether it is on time, when it is expected to arrive, any potential delays and the arrival gate. You can set up a flight alert for updates to your phone, or track it in real time on a detailed map.

What is so great about this site is the accuracy of the estimated arrival times, and how they track departures down to the minute. The live map is pretty great, as well.



Sadly, the tracking here isn’t quite real time. But it is close, and the updates are still useful. What makes it different from other resources is the fact that it allows you to create your own flight tracking app. This is based on your own needs, customizing it more than any other generally allows.

You can also track flights, fleets, air traffic, follow updates via Twitter, check aviation weather and more.


I could list a few more sites or apps here, but they don’t seem to offer anything truly innovative. The three above are arguably the best, with the most up to date or customizable information on flights all over the globe.

All three also allow you to plan your own flights, check the stats of popular airlines such as rate of scheduled arrivals and more. So they are useful for more than just tracking flights others are coming in on.

What are some of your favorite airline path trackers? Let us know in the comments.

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