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These days, technology has an answer for just about everything including the best way to stay healthy. With the world becoming a more mobile place since the introduction of smartphones and tablet computers, developers have been building applications that improve our daily lives. It is only natural that some of these tools will come in handy for older adults that have been keeping their tech skills up to date. Look at five apps that will make things easier for the tech-savvy mature adult.

Top 5 Apps for Today’s Aging Population

Med Minder

Remembering to take medications can be an overwhelming task as we age, especially as prescriptions start to build up and they have to be taken at different times of the day, at different dosages.  The Med Minder app, which works on both the iPhone and Android operating systems, makes keeping up with medications a breeze with the easy-to-set alarms for all of your prescriptions.

Motion Doctor

Motion Doctor offers exercises to improve mobility. This application, created by a physical therapist, has 60 routines and stretches to keep an older person going. Exercises come with videos that show how to perform each move. The application costs $14.99 to download and install. Motion Doctor works on iPad with iOS 3.2 or higher.

Blood Pressure Log

Available for Android 2.1 and up, this helpful app allows users to track daily blood pressure readings, pulse, and weight in one handy app.  Keep the results on your phone to show your doctor at  your next visit, or for less than $2.00, upgrade to Blood Pressure Log Pro to be able to download results to Google Drive and send them immediately to your doctor.

Touchtown Resident

Touchtown Resident is one application developed specifically with the safety of older adults in mind. This software provides a communications platform for senior living communities. It offers not only a “daily check in” to keep tabs on the health and safety of community members, but also chatting options,  in-house TV schedules, resident directories, staff information and local services such as restaurants – all in one easy to see icon based menu system. Touchtown Resident is something a senior community can set up for its residents to use on any computer device, and the company also offers Touchtown Safety Call, which is a wireless pendent residents can wear to signal help in case of a medical emergency.


Although not specifically for seniors, the WebMD app provides a comprehensive source of information that older people look for all in one easy to use application. Details on medication, for example, can be found with the WebMD app. It is simple to navigate so it won’t frustrate even those not quite so tech savvy. The WebMD mobile app is available for multiple platforms including iOS and Android and is free to download.

Many senior citizens stay current of the latest gadgets just like anyone. They carry iPhones or use social networking sites to keep up with friends and family. Mobile devices provide a safe way for an elderly person in your life to stay in contact. Downloading applications that fit their lifestyle and improve their health and well-being is definite a plus.

Megan Davis is a writer and medical student who is interested in how technology is advancing healthcare for both physicians and consumers. She has written more about technology and healthcare at Medical Informatics Degree Online.

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