LOCql: Ask and Answer Location-Based Questions

LOCQL.com is a location-based question and answer site that helps people find answers to places they are related to or interested in. This is not exactly a free tool, but a free service that help people for real daily problems.


The tool just came out of the private beta this week and it’s welcoming more users. Anyone can give it a try and you don’t need to sign up, simply sign in with your Facebook account.

According to the owner:

The key problem in local search today is actually not just the data set, but the missing link between user’s query and location information. LOCQL uses social power to solve this problem. According to Bing, 53% of mobile searches have a local intent, this is a market that has $5~8 billion revenue per year according to a recently released BIA/Kelsey report. As experienced engineers who have worked for top search engine companies before, we know the information retrieval technology currently used only ‘understands’ and address around 30% of the queries.

LOCQL is quite different from traditional local search or review sites since we solve this “missing link” challenge, potentially increasing the performance of local search by a large degree.

We believe LOCQL will have a tremendous impact on the local search market and think your readers need to know about it. Feel free to reach out to me for more information about us, the whole market, our competitors and beyond.

Check out the tool here: LOCQL™: Location Based Questions and Answers


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