Legendary Women in the Gaming Industry

Even though only three percent of game designers are women, they have made a major splash in the gaming industry. Some of the most popular and interesting games were either developed or majorly influenced by a woman. Not only that, but about half of all gamers are female. Here are a few women that have really changed the gaming market in one way or another.

Carol Shaw

Shaw is known as the world’s first female game designer, though there were a few that came right after her. She primarily worked for ActiVision on the Atari series, but she has also developed a number of modern games.

She started her career in 1979 on 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe, but she’s best known for her work on the 1982 hit, River Raid. She has also created River Raid 2, Happy Trails and Atari Video Checkers. Her modern contributions are ActiVision Hits Remixed and ActiVision Anthology.

Dona Bailey

Bailey’s career started soon after Shaw’s in 1980. She started as a developer for Atari, and she is one of the two people who created the classic hit Centipede. Not only is this game still very popular, but it’s one of the first instances of artificial intelligence. In fact, the coding in this game helped programmers create more advanced intelligence programs.

Unlike Shaw who ended her career in the 2000s, Bailey quit soon after developing Centipede. Her male peers pressured her to leave because they were jealous of her success.

Amy Hennig

Hennig has primarily functioned in the design role of video games, creating graphics for games in the late 1990s. While she has developed many games, perhaps her biggest contribution was acting as the producer, director and writer for the Legacy of Kain series.

This franchise is known for its intelligent writing, interesting subplots and mature storyline.

Brenda Romero

While Shaw started her career first, Romero has the longest career when it comes to game development. She started in 1981, and she is still producing new games today. She is best known for her work on the Wizardry and Dungeons & Dragons franchises. She also worked on the Jagged Alliance series.

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