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The iPhone has been the most popular smartphone on the market since its inception, and this is a fact that isn’t likely to change anytime soon – despite formidable competition from Google’s Android platform. Just spend an afternoon people watching and it’s clear the iPhone is the preferred method of mobile communication. But despite the fact that most smartphone consumers know their way around these devices, there are still some functions that escape many of them.

These aren’t hyper-technical features known only to the most tech inclined, but rather basic functions that many iPhone owners either overlook or merely forget about. Here is a list of some of the most useful of these iPhone tricks.

Skip Scrolling

This is an old trick that applies to all model iPhones. Those who get to the bottom of a particularly long piece of text and don’t want to manually scroll all the way back to the top can automatically do so by tapping the top of the screen. This may be a no-brainer, but it is one a surprising number of new iPhone users don’t know about.

Control Music Volume with a Locked Screen

Many iPhone users mistakingly believe they need to unlock the screen before they can adjust the volume of the device’s music player or music app. In fact, users can easily control the volume while the screen is dark by simply double tapping the home button.

Utilize Quick Controls

Those who want quick music playback controls while the screen is unlocked can enable them by swiping the screen from left to right. Swiping the screen in the opposite direction brings up a volume slider.

Increased Panoramic Photo Versatility

In i0S 6 it is possible to take panoramic photos using the device’s camera app. Of course to do so, users need to move the iPhone from left to right in order to obtain the image. What most users don’t know is that it is possible to reverse the direction by double tapping the arrow on screen.

“Raise to Speak”

Even the most ardent of iPhone users can occasionally feel self-conscious engaging in public exchanges with everyone’s favorite virtual helper, Siri.  The easy solution is to enable Raise to Speak, a feature that changes Siri’s settings so she only begins to listen once the device is at ear level. Siri will then respond to any query via the device’s earpiece rather than its speaker. To enable Raise to Speak, simply go to Settings > General > Siri and choose this option.

Adjust Apple Maps

If the new iPhone had one disappointing feature, Apple Maps was certainly it. But there is a way to get it functioning a little better by going to Settings > Maps and then choosing “small” under the Label Size heading. What this does is clean up the layout and shrink the text so that users aren’t required to zoom as often.

These are just some ways iPhone owners can streamline their handheld experience. And because Apple doe try to focus on consistency, these tips and tricks should be relevant future iPhone models – with the exception of anything having to do with Apple maps, which seems to be in the process of ongoing fixes.

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