How Your Phone Can Improve Your Health: 10 Apps For A Better Body And Mind

We now live in a world of apps! This is great for a great many of us in this ever more mobile society of ours.

One of the many wonders of apps is that we can now have health and fitness knowledge, inspiration, and coaching right at our fingertips no matter where we go.

Let’s take a look at some of the best health and fitness apps that you’ve got access to these days.


Teemo invites you, and allows you to invite friends (via FaceBook), to participate in workouts that can hardly be described as “work”. Run through the desert. Swing and climb through a jungle. Hike up a mountainside. Yes, you get to do any of these activities and more while engaging in various levels of flexibility, cardio, and strength training exercises within the different environments, all of which are personal trainer approved. Do them right, and you “win”. Engage your imagination in this video game for fitness freaks.


Spontaneity in workouts is of crucial importance so that you keep your muscles, reflexes, and (perhaps most importantly of all) your brain challenged. Martial arts, Pilates, plyometrics, or whatever else you feel like taking on are all here. Mix and match as you desire. This app encourages you to push yourself with new workout routines that you’ve never tried before, too.

GAIN Fitness Cross-Trainer

A good personal trainer can make a world of difference for many people who want to become healthier and fitter. But what if you can’t afford one or don’t feel like you have the time to fit one into your schedule? Now, you can have one who goes with you everywhere and is always available. GAIN builds you a customized fitness plan and gives you a calendar to keep track of what you’ve completed and accomplished. You also “gain” access to demonstration videos for any workout exercise, and there’s a personal trainer’s voice there to give you constructive criticism and push you when you’re feeling lethargic or discouraged.


Access to “real life” personal trainers. 800 workouts encompassing 5000 different exercises. Personal tracking of important stats such as BMI and BMR to give you a carefully customized workout regimen. That’s what you get with FitnessBuilder.


This is one of the biggest selling social media health and fitness apps. It’s simply a GPS tracking device which tells you how far you go during any physical activity of your choosing, from kayaking to bicycling. You can interface with FaceBook if you want to enjoy friendly challenges against other people or if you need some friendly encouragement to keep pushing it.


Despite the name, this app isn’t only for tracking running and it’s not just for running enthusiasts. Any outdoor activity that invites you to hit the roads or trails, from running to cycling to cross-country skiing, can be tracked by the app for distance, speed, and duration, among other important stats.

Zombies! Run!

This fun, video game style app pushes you to get away from pursuing zombies as you run in any locale or environment. It’s perfect for getting your mind off of just pounding the road or the trail and enabling you to shift your energy flow as zombies get closer to you or lose you as you check-out around a corner.

Tabata Trainer

Tabata is a workout regimen perfect for very busy people who literally only have a few minutes (four) per day to exercise as well as people who just get too impatient or bored with long workouts. Tabata involves very high intensity, very short duration exercises done for 20 seconds at a time followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times in succession for a grand total of a fat burning, cardio enhancing four-minute workout! And with this app, your tabata trainer is always available whenever you’ve got four minutes to spare for fitness.


Ah, food labels! Even though we have them to enable transparency and keep food producers from falling into the temptation of telling “little white lies” to beat the competition, they can still seem Byzantine to many people. With Fooducate, you can scan food labels right there in the store and get the most accurate interpretation of just how healthy a food product really is. Fooducate will also help you find available, healthier alternatives if you need any.


Use this wildly popular app to sift through tens of thousands of recipes, create your own “recipe box”, and put together shopping lists based on what you’ve planned out to make. Find something delicious, nutritious, and healthy to make no matter your dietary needs and preferences. It will help you save money by encouraging and helping you to become a better home cooker, too.

Go download and get fit and healthy!

 Scott Johnson is a tech blogger and iPhone aficionado. He writes on behalf of Internet insurer Protect Your Bubble.

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