How Women Are Changing The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry used to be considered a man’s world. Majority of the games were designed for and by men but the tide is now turning and more women are getting into gaming.

This is both as gamers and as programmers. Here is a quick look at how women are changing the gaming industry.

Slow Changes

The industry isn’t changing rapidly although it is probably about to speed up. One of the earliest female programmers in the industry was Sheri Graner Ray.

When she was working in the 1980s only about 3% of the workforce in the field were females. Now the number is climbing over 10% but there is still a long way to go.

But then when you look at the numbers on the gamer side you can see a really big change. It is now estimated that almost half of all gamers are actually women.

This sort of purchasing power that women bring will hopefully start translating into the development side of industry as well.

More Complex Storylines

One of the clearest changes that many people say are evident in the games today is the complexity of the storyline. The article at the Fluency 21 website points out that games these days are so much more than just using brute force to solve problems.

There are complex backgrounds that characters have and more elaborate problem solving is involved in games. And a lot of people see this as a direct influence of female gamers.

More Female Protagonists

There has also been a steady increase in female protagonists in games. Although a lot more still needs to be done to portray women as the hero of a game, the Lara Crofts of the gaming industry have started to pave the way for a stronger character.

And a lot of men don’t mind this change either. Although there is still a lot of sexism in the industry there are also more and more gaming companies and gamer communities that truly welcome women into the industry.

If the rise of female gamers continues there will be a continuous rise in female programmers as well. The change might be slow but it is building up momentum and society is welcoming the eradication of the usual stereotypes about female gamers and programmers.

The Smartphone Revolution

A lot of this change is also due to the smartphone revolution. Because app development is so simple that we can all do it from the comfort of our own homes, it is opening more doors for women to make it in the industry.

Women can get a lot of real life experience of programming by creating apps as a hobby when they are starting out and thus have more to show when they are looking for positions in the bigger companies. This can help bring down some of the barriers of getting their foot in the industry.

This is a really exciting time to be a woman in the industry or to just be a passionate female gamer. The acceptance of females in this industry is growing and it is only going to add to the industry.

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