How to Restore Google Maps on Your IOS6 Apple Gadgets

One controversial move that Apple made with the release of their iOS 6 mobile operating system was the removal of the official Google Maps application. The app, which was natively installed on all iOS devices since the platform’s inception, was replaced with an official Apple Maps application. The first party Apple application was met with a decidedly less than positive result. Google Maps is unequivocally the best map application that has ever been made. Street view alone makes it incredible and sadly Apple’s alternative is missing the information, depth and use of Google’s long established offering. However, all hope is not lost for iOS users and you can still get Google maps on your iOS 6 apple gadgets and phones. Google has released a new version of their popular Maps application into the iTunes App Store for users to download at any time. Google’s application also doesn’t cost any money.

Step 1

Turn on your iPhone and open the blue “App Store” icon by tapping on it one time.

Step 2

Browse the “Navigation” section of applications in the iTunes App Store through one of a few different means. One method of reaching this section is to tap the “Featured” button at the bottom of the screen and select the “Navigation” category. You can also tap the “Top Charts” button and select the “Navigation” category from the drop down menu. To reach the Google Maps application specifically, you can also tap “Search” and look for the application by name.

Step 3

Tap the “Install” button one time to begin the process of restoring the Google Maps application to your iPhone. When prompted, enter your iPhone password into the box. The Google Maps application will automatically download to the second page of installed applications on your device.

Step 4

Another method of restoring Google Maps to your iPhone involves the use of the Safari Web browser. Instead of opening the “App Store” icon, open the Safari browser and load the main Google Maps page. Tap the “+” button at the top of the screen and select the option reading “Add to Home Screen.” A new shortcut icon for the Google Maps service will be added to your iPhone “Home” screen. Tapping the icon will load the Google Maps service through Safari instead of through a dedicated application. The main application functionality, however, remains the same regardless of what method you use to restore the service to your iPhone.

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