Vaper’s Club President: FDA is blocking research into the electronic cigarette

The US Federal and Drug Administration (FDA) is obstructing research into an alternative to the tobacco cigarettes that kill more than 400,000 Americans a year, according to Spike Babaian, President of the National Vapers’ Club, a consumer association set up to promote and protect the electronic cigarette.

In an interview with E Cigarette Direct, Spike Babaian alleged that the FDA had twice stopped e-cigarette research commissioned by the National Vaper’ s Club from taking place on the basis that the electronic cigarette was a drug delivery device.

The second time the research was halted occurred after a US judge had ruled that the device was not a drug delivery device, that the FDA had exaggerated claims that the electronic cigarette was a threat to public health and that the agency was aggressively trying to extend its authority over tobacco.

When questioned as to why the FDA would want to block the research Spike admitted that she did not know. She did, however, raise the possibility that there might be a financial motivation behind the move, stating:

I believe that they stand to lose money that we would have to pay them if we were to go and do this study through the FDA.

The role of the FDA in the ongoing electronic cigarette controversy in the USA is just one area covered in a wide ranging interview with Spike about the electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette is an alternative to regular cigarettes, and delivers nicotine without the attendant tar, tobacco and combustion of regular cigarettes.

Disclaimer: James Dunworth works for E Cigarette Direct, the UK Distributor of the NJOY E Cigarette.

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