Five Tips to Employ NOW to Improve Your Web Design

Views on web design vary greatly depending on who you talk to and while one person might tell you one thing, another can often say something quite different making it hard to know precisely what the best strategy to take with your design is. However, while there are many different views and ideas in web design, there are some things that are generally accepted as sound advice and which most web designers agree on. Here we will look at some of the most commonly recommended tenants of web design and some little tips that many website designers follow themselves. Any of these can be implemented quickly and easily with your own site in order to get more from it and to ensure your visitors stick around and like what they see.

Images Facing In

This is a little pointer that applies both to web design and magazine layouts. Basically the idea is that images used in your web design should look inward towards the text. So in other words then, if you have a picture of a person and they are looking right, you should put the image on the left of the text so that they look as though they are looking in at the text. This works because it naturally draws the eye to the text rather than away from it.

Reduce Clutter

Have a look at your site now and try to find five things that you can remove from it right away. The less clutter there is on your page, the easier it will be to navigate and the less it will distract from your content and crucially, your adverts.

Place Your Menu on the Right

If you currently have your menu on the left then now may be the time to put it on the right, or at least at the top. The reason for this is simply that more and more small devices are  being used to surf the web, and these will of course need to display your website on a smaller screen. This will then mean that if your menu is on the right that’s all they see and they have to scroll – which will lose you a lot of viewers. Make sure then that your menu is on the right and it will be optimized for quickly finding what you want.

Select 2-4 Colors

Professional web designs tend to use 2-4 colors in order to create a limited palette. If your site currently has lots of different colors then it will result in sensory overload and people won’t know where to look. Instead then choose a few and it will allow you to use contrast better while making your site seem more focussed.

Choose a Focal Point

Ask yourself this – when someone visits your website, what is it that you want them to see/do? If you currently don’t know the answer to this question then it’s time to do something about that and ensure that when people visit your site there is one clear place for them to go. The site will look more streamlined and it will become better at achieving what you want it to.

Patrick is a blogger and web designer. His web development company YarraWeb helps people create new websites and they also assist webmasters in improving their designs.

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