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Earlier this year, James May, one of the presenters on Top Gear; travelled to the Tarka Trail in Devon to rebuild a former railway line, but in miniature model. There was clearly much interest in this project from May and volunteers of the project. The project involved a ten mile track using Hornby OO gauge track. Unfortunately the attempt was halted somewhat as the little trains were unable to overcome heavy rain and thieves stealing parts of the track.

People that were in attendance to see the record breaking attempt agreed that the trains were grand in appearance. Read on to find out about some of the trains featured.

The Flying Scotsman
The Flying Scotsman was the first non-stop train from London King’s Cross to Edinburgh. It became known when it featured in the first ever full-length British feature film with sound, called the ‘Flying Scotsman’ . As well as this, this luxury express train became the first steam engine to reach 100mph and smashed all previous records. In the Devon record breaking attempt the miniature version was James May’s pride and joy even though it didn’t make it the whole way!


The Javelin Class 395
Even today, this is one of the most exciting trains in use in the UK. The British Rail Class 395 locomotive is currently used by Southeastern . Manufactured and built in Japan, they were transported to England for high speed rail services. They are planned to be used for transport links during the 2012 Olympic Games in trains in London. This is why they are known as the Javelin trains due to their high speed. This was the train that James May’s assistant, Oz liked the best.


British Railways Warship
Originally introduced in 1958, this locomotive is a diesel-hydraulic class. There were a large range of trains in this class, and all but two were named after Royal Navy vessels, hence the nickname ‘warship’. This train was still said to offer more power per given weight than any other train of its class at the time.


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