2012: Sorry But Due To Budget Restriction, Apocalypse Has Been Delayed

Since the release, one year ago, of the first trailer of 2012, the disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich, scientific newspapers have received thousands of inquiries about the galactic alignment supposed to occur on December 21, 2012 and whether or not a galactic or planetary alignment could cause any kind of major disaster.

The “2012 theory” that inspired the movie was already popular on the internet years before Roland Hemmerich and Harald Kloser started writing their screenplay.

First time that I heard the date of December 21, 2012 mentionned as the upcoming end of the world was in a full of nonsense “New Age” blog article about the “crystal skulls” where the author wrote that the 13 crystal skulls had to be placed in a circle in some temple to prevent the the Apocalypse predicted by the Mayans. It was not clear in this article whether the skulls originated from the Mayas, the Atlantis or were given to mankind by some extraterrestrians.

Sounds like a April fool, doesn’t it?

Scientific experiments conducted on several crystal skulls owned by the British Museum have proved that these objects had been manufactured during the 19th century in Germany. But hoaxes have hard to kill.

I forgot about this story until I read, some months ago, another article mentioning December 21, 2012 in conjunction with a galactic alignment, which, according to John Major Jenkins, was announced by the Mayan calendar.

Which galactic alignment? The Earth path around the Sun is called the ecliptic. The Milky Way (our galaxy) is a large disk-shaped galaxy, and astronomers have defined an imaginary line used as a co-ordination system: it is called the galactic plane.

The “deadly” galactic alignment that is supposed to put an end to our world on December 21, 2012 is nothing more than the alignment of the winter solstice direction with the intersection line between the ecliptic plane and the galactic plane. That’s a phenomenom that occurs approximately every 26,000 years due to the Earth rotation axis precession. And it last for several years: present “galactic alignment” of the winter solstice started in 1980, and will end in 2016.

Think about all the December 21 since 1980 where the Apocalypse has been delayed.

What does the Mayan calendar actually “predict”?

The Mayas used a base 20 number system. They had 20 days (kin) in a month (uinal), 18 months in a year (haab), long periods of 20 years (katun) and longer periods of 20 x 20 years called baktun.

According to this numbering system, the day after will be written Triskaidekaphobia (fear of number 13) might be an explanation of why some people see this date as evil, but in any case, there is absolutely nothing allowing to link this mayan date to December 21, 2012, as nobody knows with certainty the exact starting point of the calendar.

What next?

Although we may survive 2012 without troubles, real disasters will probably occur in the future:

  • The asteroid Apophis, originally scheduled for 2029, could hit the Earth in April 2026 (probability of 1 / 45,000 for the coming 100 years)
  • The asteroid 1950 DA could hit the Earth by 2880.
  • Within the next 100,000 years, a super volcano like the Yellowstone could erupt and cause a “nuclear winter”.
  • Within the next 100 million years, Traps volcanism could occur and last for thousands of years.

All these natural phenomenoms occured in the past and are likely to occur again in the future, but no calendar is able to tell us when.

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