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You can use the HTML tag within your text to add DoFollow links to your own site, but the editing team will review all links and remove blatant spam.

Want to create your own Digg-like site? That's easy to do with Drigg, a Digg clone based on Drupal, one of the best CMS (Content Management System).

Easy to install (if you carefully follow the detailed instructions), easy to manage, your Digg clone can be ready to run in less than a couple of hours.

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Irrepressible Info: help spread the words

You've got a blog, or a website?

Join the irrepressible.info, an Amnesty International campaign in favor of the freedom of expression and help making the Internet a place of freedom when more and more goverments try to control all form of communication.

Today, people are arrested in China (with the help of Yahoo!, Google and MSN) just for having posted on a blog, asking for democracy, for press freedom or exposing human rights abuses.

It happens in many other countries in the world, and none can guaranty that it will not happen to you in the future.

Freedom of expression is worth fighting for it.

You can participate in this campaign by several means, either by displaying a banner on your site, by broadcasting the Irrepressible RSS feed or just by signing the pledge.

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Fly me to the moon....

India has successfully launched its first mission to the Moon.

The unmanned Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft blasted off smoothly from a launch pad in southern Andhra Pradesh to embark on a two-year mission of exploration.

The robotic probe will orbit the Moon, compiling a 3-D atlas of the lunar surface and mapping the distribution of elements and minerals.

The launch is regarded as a major step for India as it seeks to keep pace with other space-faring nations in Asia.

Indian PM Manmohan Singh hailed the launch as the "first step" in a historic milestone in the country's space programme.

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A crisis too complex for easy fixes

PARIS: Just over 100 years ago, J.P. Morgan gathered his fellow financiers at his Manhattan mansion amid growing financial panic and declared, "This is where the trouble stops."

Last weekend, a similar conclave gathered farther downtown at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, with the Fed's chairman and the U.S. Treasury secretary giving the bosses of Wall Street giants like Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and, yes, J.P. Morgan, a similar ultimatum.

Unlike the successful dénouement to the Panic of 1907, however, the trouble did not stop. Indeed, the crisis of 2008 worsened, with one financial firm filing for bankruptcy protection, another ending up in a shotgun wedding with a major bank and a third essentially getting nationalized by Washington.

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The economic crisis and its impact on the Obama / McCain campaigns

On last Monday morning, McCain asserted that "the fundamentals of the economy are strong." I guess that he will need to ajust a little bit to reality in his next speaches.

On the other side, for Obama, who promises a tax cut for the middle class,and calls for "an end to business as usual", it could be a good opportunity to seize the leadership moment.

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