Obama To Reveal Iraq Pullout Plan

President Barack Obama is due to announce the withdrawal of most US troops in Iraq by August 2010.

In a speech later, he is expected to confirm that the US "combat mission" in Iraq will officially end by that time.

He is also expected to say that up to 50,000 of the 142,000 troops will stay in Iraq after that date to advise Iraqi forces and protect American interests.

Some Democrats are concerned that the timetable may fall short of his election vow to withdraw troops.

Mr Obama had said previously that he would completely pull out troops within 16 months of taking the top job.

Earlier this month, he ordered the deployment of up to 17,000 extra US troops to Afghanistan.

The president said the soldiers had been due to go to Iraq but were being redirected to "meet urgent security needs".

Middle way

Mr Obama is expected to make his announcement in Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

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Researchers Cast Doubt On Role Of Free Radicals In Aging

For more than 40 years, the prevailing explanation of why we get old has been tied to what is called oxidative stress. This theory postulates that when molecules like free radicals, oxygen ions and peroxides build up in cells, they overwhelm the cells’ ability to repair the damage they cause, and the cells age.

An industry of “alternative” antioxidant therapies -- such as Vitamin E or CoQ10 supplements in megadose format --has sprung up as the result of this theory. However, clinical trials have not shown that these treatments have statistically significant effects.

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Clean Living Way To Beat Cancer

Over 40% of breast and bowel cancer cases in rich countries are preventable through diet, physical activity and weight control alone, experts say.

Simple measures like cycling to work and swapping fatty foods for fruit can make all the difference for these and many other cancers, they say.

Globally, each year there are millions of these preventable cancer cases, the World Cancer Research Fund estimates.

Its report makes recommendations for "clean living" policies.

According to the report, about a third of the 12 most common cancers in high-income countries and about a quarter in lower income countries could be prevented through diet, exercise and weight control.

This include cancers of the throat, lung and bowel.

Not inevitable

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Bangladesh: Troops Told To Lay Down Guns As Tanks Roll Towards Capital

Prime minister appeals for calm as she grapples with grave political challenge one month after being sworn into office.

Army tanks are rolling toward the Bangladeshi capital, Dakha, according to local media reports, after the prime minister ordered mutinous troops to lay down their guns immediately.

The crisis began yesterday when border guards rose up in violent protests over pay and alleged discrimination, leaving up to 50 people dead.

In a nationwide broadcast, the prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, appealed for calm but also warned of tough actions as she grappled with a grave political challenge just one month after being sworn into office.

"Lay down your guns immediately and go back to barracks. Do not force me to take tough actions or push my patience beyond tolerable limits," Hasina said.

Shootings were reported at several guard posts hours after officials announced that the mutiny of guards in Dhaka had ended.

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Drinking Tea Reduce Risk of Stroke

Drinking three or more cups of tea a day may significantly reduce the chances of having a stroke, scientists claim.

At least three cups of Indian or Chinese tea reduces the risk of a stroke by more than a fifth, according to researchers.

A major study carried out by scientists at the University of California in Los Angeles found that tea could well be a powerful weapon in the fight against strokes.

"By drinking three cups of tea a day, the risk of a stroke was reduced 21 per cent," said Dr Lenore Arab, professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine.

The more you drink, the better your odds of staving off a stroke, the professor added.

"That's why these findings are so exciting," Professor Arab said. "If we can find a way to prevent the stroke, or prevent the damage, that is simple and not toxic, that would be a great advance."

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Full Horror of Gitmo Inmate's Beatings

Former British resident Binyam Mohamed arrives back in Britain tomorrow after his release from Guantanamo Bay. British and US lawyers claim that sustained beatings - which have only recently stopped - have left him with severe psychological and physical problems. Defence correspondent Mark Townsend reports

Binyam Mohamed will return to Britain suffering from a huge range of injuries after being beaten by US guards right up to the point of his departure from Guantánamo Bay, according to the first detailed accounts of his treatment inside the camp.

Mohamed will arrive back tomorrow in the UK, where he was a British resident between 1984 and 2002. During medical examinations last week, doctors discovered injuries and ailments resulting from apparently brutal treatment in detention.

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The Hard Cases: A New Kind of Preventive Detention?

Will Obama institute a new kind of preventive detention for terrorist suspects?

The last “enemy combatant” being detained in America is incarcerated at the U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig in Charleston, South Carolina—a tan, low-slung building situated amid acres of grassy swampland.

The prisoner, known internally as EC#2, is an alleged Al Qaeda sleeper agent named Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri. He has been held in isolation in the brig for more than five years, although he has never stood trial or been convicted of any crime.

Under rules established by the Bush Administration, suspected terrorists such as Marri were denied the legal protections traditionally afforded by the Constitution. Unless the Obama Administration overhauls the nation’s terrorism policies, Marri—who claims that he is innocent—will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

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Nine Killed in Turkish Plane Crash in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM - A Turkish Airlines passenger plane with 135 people aboard crashed in light fog while trying to land at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport on Wednesday, and an official said nine people were killed.

Haarlemmermeer acting Mayor Michel Bezuijen said at least 50 people were injured, including 25 severely hurt, when flight TK 1951 crashed at 10:31 local time (0931 GMT) short of a runway at Schiphol, Europe's fifth-largest by passenger volume.

"We cannot say anything about the cause at the moment. The priority of the authorities is providing help and care," Bezuijen told reporters.

Dutch television showed what appeared to be covered bodies on the ground near the crumpled, single-aisle Boeing 737.

At least four Americans, who work for the plane's manufacturer Boeing, were on the plane, one official said.

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Mardi Gras : The Feast Before The Fast

"Mardi Gras" means "Fat Tuesday."

Traditionally, it is the last day for Catholics to indulge—and often overindulge—before Ash Wednesday starts the sober weeks of fasting that come with Lent. Formally known as Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras has long been a time of extravagant fun for European Christians. In fact, some people think Mardi Gras celebrations have their source in the wild springtime orgies of the ancient Romans.

In the United States, Mardi Gras draws millions of fun-seekers to New Orleans every year. Mardi Gras has been celebrated in New Orleans on a grand scale, with masked balls and colorful parades, since French settlers arrived in the early 1700s. Hidden behind masks, people behaved so raucously that for decades in the early 19th century masks were deemed illegal in that party-loving city.

Masks, Music, and Mayhem

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Helen Hunt's 60-Second Oscar Gig

Oscar winner Helen Hunt will get some primetime exposure at this year's Academy Awards, but you won't see her on the screen. The actress is turning the spotlight on the inspirational story of Lisa Nigro, a former police officer who began helping the homeless by serving them coffee and sandwiches, and later went on to found the Inspiration Cafe.

Hunt has directed a 60-second commercial that will air during the Oscars, highlighting the inspiring story.

Hunt previously stepped behind the camera for Then She Found Me which she also co-wrote. Off-screen, the actress/director has managed to stay below the Hollywood radar and get caught up in her real-life role as mother to her young daughter, Makena Lei.

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