Dozens Dead And Thousands Left Homeless By Italy Earthquake

At least 27 people, including five children were killed when an earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale destroyed hundreds of homes in central Italy early this morning.

Scores more are missing after the earthquake struck at 3.32am (0132 GMT) near l'Aquila in the mountainous region of Abruzzo 60 miles (95 kilometres) north of Rome.

Dawn revealed a scene of devastation in the town, the epicentre of the earthquake, as rubble blocked the streets and rescue workers desperately searched for survivors in the ruins of the collapsed buildings.

The death toll rose through the night and is expected to keep rising, according to police.

At least half a dozen university students remain trapped after their dormitory in l'Aquila was destroyed, according to Italy's RAI TV. A student who was not named told RAI they were awakened by the earthquake and ran down the stairs of the dormitory before the roof collapsed.

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Unperfect Angel

"Anything is possible"

A little over a year ago, I created this website with the hope of sharing my story with the world and help others with it.

I am a 28-year-old paraplegic and single mother of three. My injury was the result of domestic violence. I have since dedicated my life to advocating and spreading awareness about spinal cord injuries, living with a disability and the dangers of domestic violence.

I want to be able to bring awareness to both the able bodied and disabled, that no matter what we are faced with in life, there is still a life to live..and to the fullest.

We can reach our dreams no matter what our circumstances may be..and I am living proof of that.

My dream is to have my story recognized and shared with the world to touch as many lives as possible. For me, it makes all of the struggles that I have endured, so worthwhile. I am turning, what was once a tragic event in my life, into a positive story to help others.

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Custom Term Papers

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B&W Speakers Go On Tour With Intel

B&W the famed speaker manufacturer has recently went on tour with Intel to help promote the Intel powered Windows Home Server–a media solution for consumers. Intel has been a leader in promoting and developing media technology for consumers for at least ten years. They step up to the plate a bit and show that a good speaker can go along way to making your media more compelling and enjoyable. Below you will find a note on this from B&W followed by a couple of photos.

"At CES 2009, Intel® Corporation and Microsoft launched Windows Home Server software and the hardware to run it in the form of the HP MediaSmart Server (see www.hp.com/united-states/campaigns/mediasmart-server/#)

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A Hospice Diary For Us Who Will Be Left Behind

Hospice was one of the worst words I ever heard in my life!

Hospice? Now What? Be Thankful! Are You or a Loved One Starting Hospice Care? Let Me Share My Story With You.

This is my own personal story about when Hospice came into my life. Let me give you a short background of how I got there.

My mother is now 85 and has always been healthy; nothing major wrong in her life until 4 years ago. She started having trouble with her breathing but medications were given which helped for about a year. Her breathing problems started to get worse and I was constantly taking her to the emergency room where they would pump her up with steroids and antibiotics and send her on her way. This would be beneficial to her for a couple months and off to the emergency room we would go again and repeat the same process.

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UK: Social Network Sites Could Be Monitored

Social networking sites like Facebook could be monitored by the UK government under proposals to make them keep details of users' contacts.

The Home Office said it was needed to tackle crime gangs and terrorists who might use the sites, but said it would not keep the content of conversations.
It is part of a plan to store details of all phone calls, e-mails and websites visited on a central database.
Civil liberties campaigners have called the proposals a "snoopers' charter".

Tens of millions of people use sites like Facebook, Bebo and MySpace to chat with friends, but ministers say they have no interest in the content of discussions - just who people have been talking to.


Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake said the websites contained sensitive personal details and he was concerned information could leak from any government-controlled database.

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Google Uses Twitter to Sell Ads

Intuit Is First Marketer to Have Its Tweets Streamed Across AdSense Network (by Abbey Klaassen)

Twitter may still be tweaking its own business model, but Google has found a way to use the popular microblogging service to sell ads.

The search giant has started offering marketers ad units that stream their five most recent "tweets" across the Google AdSense network. The first marketer to use the ad units is Intuit, whose TurboTax brand is trying to boost its Twitter followers. Intuit used several of the measures available for any AdSense campaign to target the ads, which are running on sites such as Bebo, Facebook, Hi5, MySpace and Alltop.

"It's syndicating whatever the team that works on the TurboTax Twitter account [@turbotax] posts," said Seth Greenberg, director of marketing at Intuit. When a user clicks on an ad it takes them not to TurboTax.com but to twitter.com/turbotax.

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Could Coccolithophores Save The Earth From Global Warming ?

Ever heard of Coccolithophores? Despite their small size and their weird name, these tiny single-celled marine organisms are major regulators of global climate.

Most of the models used to predict climate change are based on ocean level, carbon dioxide and temperature measurements but fail to integrate marine ecosystems in their projections.

Actually, the whole process of climate and gas regulation by marine organisms is so complex that it is quite impossible to integrate in already complex models...and much more impossible to explain in details in this artile. I'll try to do my best to keep it simple, concentrating on one of the top players, the Coccolithophores.

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Meridian Pacific Properties

Most real estate investors are aware of the terrific positive cash flow opportunities with cash-on-cash returns in double digits on single family homes. Yet many have chosen not to invest out of fear that the value of their investment property will fall. How founded is that fear? Consider what the numbers tell us.

Take the example a $60,000 1100 square foot, 3 bedroom 1 bath house in Jackson, Mississippi, already renovated with a tenant paying $700 per month. With a 20% down payment, and allowing for mortgage payments (PITI), property management, maintenance and vacancy, the property will still return well over 10% per year (over 15% if the tenant stays in place and takes good care of the property.) That is clearly a great return on investment. But how much downside is there? Will the $60,000 house materially drop in value?

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Genetically Modified Trees Can Give Direction To Lost Hickers

A small step for genetic engineering, but a big step for mankind, at least for people unable to read a map or to use a GPS to find their way when hicking in national parks: BioTeckTrees Corp. (NasdaqGS: BTTC) has just announced that they have successfully introduced electric eel (Electrophorus electricus) genetic material into a Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis; family Pinaceae) and that they will soon be able to design the trees so they can give direction to lost hickers.

Electrophorus electricus, also know as "electric eel" or "tremblador" is an electrical fish, capable of generating powerful electric shocks. This electric power generation property will also allow the tree to recharge lost hickers' mobile phones.

Despite strong resistance from environmentalists who are opposed to the introduction of GM plants in American forests, the first tree should be planted on April 1st in Redwood National Park (Ca).

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