Cloud-Based File Sharing Applications for Mobile Phones

One of the most common problems that cell phone users have is not having a lot of storage space on their mobile device in comparison to storage space on laptops and computers. With the utilization of Cloud Storage applications, this problem could be figured out which allows the trading and transferring of data through cloud-based hosts. This program lets mobile users keep and also access their files on cloud hosts from various devices. File synchronization and sharing could also be used. Here are a couple of cloud-based file sharing applications that are becoming popular on mobile phones.

Evernote (free)

Evernote is an easy to use and free application that helps its users remember things on all your devices. With this application, you can share and access Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, drawings, photos and other important files.

Tappin (free trial for 30 days)

This is one of the most comprehensive mobile file sharing applications out in the market today that allows the sharing of all types of files, from documents, photos, music, videos and many others. The files can be shared between two Tappin enabled devices. One of its best features is that there is no limit on access and could be utilized on Google, windows or Apple devices.

JotNot ($0.99)

JotNot really is convenient for individuals that are having a hard time with paper documentation. It makes it much easier to copy articles, documents and notes. Its users can upload those files faster and share them using mail or other sharing applications. Files could also be saved easily in any online storage solutions such as cloud.

Dropbox (free)

This is one of the most popular file sharing applications on mobile phones out in the market today. It lets users save their files in their Dropbox account which they could access from any device. It offers 2GB of free space which is great for many individuals.

Sugar Sync (free)

Sugar Sync is also another famous file sharing ad backup application that was created for many popular mobile operating systems. It lets its users store, talk about and access files from a server. It also allows users to move and delete files from their mobile devices. It provides 5GB of free storage and virtually anyone could get a Sugar Sync account. Users could also put a password to protect their files. (free)

This application was created for businesses that need a large file storage. This is ideal for businesses that want to utilize reasoning services for talking about and managing their details. can open files using a document viewer on mobile devices.

Google Drive (free)

Google Drive is one application that really does stand out from the rest. It has the capability to open Photoshop files even if the software is not installed on the mobile device. There is also a drag and drop uploading feature and it could also share, delete and label files.

Sky Drive (free)

Sky Drive is from Microsoft and is also simple to use. It could synchronize files from various Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many others. With Sky Drive, users could also share their files with account links.

In conclusion

File sharing applications are surely more convenient for many people to do what they need to do with their important files wherever they are at the moment and regardless of the time. It lets people access and share files that are different in sizes and format as long as they have the right application. The best thing is, it could be done through mobile devices in the most realistic given time, hassle-free and you can always use the word “convenient” over and over.

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