5 Crowd-Sourced Dictionaries and How To Use Them

You might not know the definition of crowd-sourcing, but it is a technology you have almost certainly used on a semi-regular basis in the last couple of years. It is the process of putting together a website with user generated content. Anything that allows you to add or edit the ...

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3 Simple Things You Can Do to Increase Your Web Page Load Times

When it comes to making your website popular and keeping the web traffic coming, you need to be sure that your page loads quickly, or else your customers get frustrated. The more time people have to wait to find what they are seeking, the more potential customers you will lose. For ...

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Free Tools to Archive Twitter Search results

Twitter has managed to create a whole new way of generating search results. Thanks to their unique algorithm, which provides a live updating system for all searches, it is a major reason for the popularity of the social networking site among professional users. You can search for content based on keyword, ...

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Five Tips to Employ NOW to Improve Your Web Design

Views on web design vary greatly depending on who you talk to and while one person might tell you one thing, another can often say something quite different making it hard to know precisely what the best strategy to take with your design is. However, while there are many different ...

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4 Ways to Use Twitter Favorites

Twitter has a hundred different uses. But one of the more ignored features by many users is the 'favorites' feed. This keeps track of all your favorite marked tweets, from both yourself and the people you follow. It creates a stream that can be viewed with only those posts, instead ...

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