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Million-Dollar Techies

Just a few years ago, the word "geek" conjured images of pasty college students slumped over a desktop playing StarCraft. Today, geeks are running the world with their finely honed computer skills. Most people know that 28-year-old Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history, but he is ...

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16 Apps to Help Stress Out College Students

College was the time of our lives, but it was stressful. Homework, exams and lack of money can take the fun out of the greatest times of our lives pretty quickly. Did you know that 60% of college students say their stress level is higher than normal? And more than a ...

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android cooking

7 Free Android Apps for Easy Meal Planning

Cooking apps provide more than a list of a few recipes. Many of these free Android apps provide instant grocery lists, easy menu planning programs, and helpful meal-choosing devices. Some can even pick a recipe for you based on the ingredients you have on hand. Here are seven of the most ...

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mobile oldies

Mobile Apps Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

  These days, technology has an answer for just about everything including the best way to stay healthy. With the world becoming a more mobile place since the introduction of smartphones and tablet computers, developers have been building applications that improve our daily lives. It is only natural that some of ...

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Legendary Women in the Gaming Industry

Even though only three percent of game designers are women, they have made a major splash in the gaming industry. Some of the most popular and interesting games were either developed or majorly influenced by a woman. Not only that, but about half of all gamers are female. Here are ...

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call app

3 Apps to Make an International Call

Although there is a multitude of apps on the Apple and Android markets, there is only a handful of decent apps that allow you to instantly place international calls. We have picked out three apps that we think are the best for the job. You should really consider downloading a ...

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3 Must-Have Free Photography Apps For Android Smartphones

With the successive launches of Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean, Google has ensured that the Android operating system is a legitimate contender to Apple's iOS. In the past, Android smartphone users often complained about the lack of good apps. By contrast, the iTunes store had a treasure-trove of excellent apps. ...

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10 Twitter Search Tools to Play With

Is there anything so addicting as Twitter? I know that I have spent way too much time there just today, though I justified it by saying I was researching for this post (secret fact: I wasn't). However, I did have a great deal of fun messing around with these tools, ...

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ipad music

Best Apps for Sheet Music

One of the biggest changes in the world of the arts in recent times has been the arrival of the tablet computer. This device has allowed users to become all the more creative when it comes to creating everything from music to painting and has really added an extra dimension. Though ...

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Most Popular Q&A Sites Compared

Question and Answer websites have been around for awhile. Some were in the general format that they have remained over the years, such as Yahoo Answers and Quora. Others were more like search engines, such as AskJeeves. But they have always been a helpful element of the internet at large, ...

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