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Alex Zanardi: An Inspiration to Disabled People Everywhere

Anyone that competes in motor racing is leaving themselves open to risk, by far and away the most dangerous form of sport in the world, drivers will often entrust their lives to the integrity of the carbon fiber and aluminum shells that surround them. Before being allowed to compete in any form of professional motorsport, [...]

Beginner to Pro: Great UK Golf Courses

Golf has long been an activity appealing to businesses, sporting superstars, and pro-golfers themselves; however it is now a sport that is accessible throughout the UK for many others who want to give it a go. We’ve found a few great UK golf courses, ranging from those ideal for beginners to the toughest of the [...]

Dealing with the World Cup at Work

When the World Cup rolls around, you may find that your company’s overall internet usage at work creeps higher and higher as the competition gets fiercer between the teams. Your employees are not alone on their quest to find the latest information, as people across the world will be devotedly following the headlines too. Employee [...]