5 Fantastic Fashion Apps For Budding Fashionistas

If you love fashion, why not load your smartphone down with great apps? Whether you're wondering if an outfit works or want to get advice from some of the hottest trendsetters, these apps will make fashion even more fun. The following are just five fantastic fashion apps for budding fashionistas. Go ...

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android cooking

7 Free Android Apps for Easy Meal Planning

Cooking apps provide more than a list of a few recipes. Many of these free Android apps provide instant grocery lists, easy menu planning programs, and helpful meal-choosing devices. Some can even pick a recipe for you based on the ingredients you have on hand. Here are seven of the most ...

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mobile oldies

Mobile Apps Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

  These days, technology has an answer for just about everything including the best way to stay healthy. With the world becoming a more mobile place since the introduction of smartphones and tablet computers, developers have been building applications that improve our daily lives. It is only natural that some of ...

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Legendary Women in the Gaming Industry

Even though only three percent of game designers are women, they have made a major splash in the gaming industry. Some of the most popular and interesting games were either developed or majorly influenced by a woman. Not only that, but about half of all gamers are female. Here are ...

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8 Cheap and Free Apps for International Travel

Smart phones sure do come in handy for travelling, particularly out of country travel. There are apps available for nearly everything you might want or need, and then some. Your smart phone can act as your travel guide, destination planner and entertainment source during airport layovers. You can find apps ...

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Cool Pinterest Boards for Muscle Building

With its focus on all things visual, Pinterest has become the premiere social media platform where ideas and inspiration are concerned, giving you instant access to literally millions of images on every subject imaginable. One of the subjects best covered is fitness, muscle building in particular, and this means that you ...

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call app

3 Apps to Make an International Call

Although there is a multitude of apps on the Apple and Android markets, there is only a handful of decent apps that allow you to instantly place international calls. We have picked out three apps that we think are the best for the job. You should really consider downloading a ...

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dining out

5 Great Restaurant Guide Apps for Food Lovers

Do you love to dine out? Then why not use your smartphone to find the best restaurants? Whether you want to see pictures of the food restaurants have to offer or want to see if a restaurant is sanitary, you can use your smartphone to find some of the best ...

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3 Must-Have Free Photography Apps For Android Smartphones

With the successive launches of Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean, Google has ensured that the Android operating system is a legitimate contender to Apple's iOS. In the past, Android smartphone users often complained about the lack of good apps. By contrast, the iTunes store had a treasure-trove of excellent apps. ...

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wedding phone

7 Awesome Apps You Can Use to Plan Your Wedding

  He's finally popped the question and while you're ecstatic, you may also be overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are a number of apps that will help you plan your wedding. Whether you need help with the budget or want an easy way to register for wedding gifts, you'll love these options. The ...

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