Too Many Pictures To View On Your IPhone Camera Roll? The Best Photo Album Apps For IOS

If you use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to view and store most of your photos (and why wouldn't you, when they look so great on Apple's retina displays?) then you may find the basic camera roll feature doesn't give you the options you want in terms of organising ...

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Seven Apps Everyone Should Have On Their Phone

Apps. It’s sort of hard to remember that, under a decade ago, humans were living their lives without them. Think of any activity you undertake each day, and there is an app for that. Apps help you to make the most out of a smartphone or tablet device. But, there are ...

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How The Technology World Went April Fools Crazy In 2013

We recently experienced the one day of the year that has gullible people everywhere running for cover in the hope that this would be the year that they finally didn’t fall for anything stupid. And to celebrate the 1st of April and the day of the fool, tech companies all ...

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5 Instagram Features You Really Need To Know About…

Wow! That sunset is gorgeous, isn’t it? It’s so surreal that you want to share it with your friends – and the world. Yes, the photo may have been taken with your phone’s camera right before you walked into the Krispy Kreme, but – regardless of your photography experience or ...

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2 fingers

The Evolution of Inventions

If you have a passion for coming up with new ideas and products, then you might succeed as an inventor. There are many opportunities online for people with an entrepreneurial spirit who wish to become an inventor. History has proven that inventions have improved our society for the better. Inventors like Benjamin ...

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online revolution

A Whole New Virtual World

About 2,400,000,000 million people, approximately one-third of the world's population, surf the Web on a regular basis. By reading a Wikipedia article, anyone can become an expert on any subject imaginable, from "Anti-racism in Mathematics Teaching" to "Sailor Moon." New lines of communication have birthed social networks, mass dissemination of ...

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iphone beauty

Top 3 Beauty Apps For iPhone

Your iPhone can send texts in a second and help you order pizza late at night, but do you know it can also help out with your beauty routine? There are many great beauty apps that have been developed to help men as well as women look their best while ...

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android apps

Top 5 Android Apps

If you have recently purchased an Android phone, you will find yourself spoiled for choice with regards to the range of apps on offer. Whether you are seeking an app that helps you to create professional documents on the go, keeps you up to date with the weather in your ...

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4 Free Online Tools For Social Workers

Being employed as a social worker can be extremely rewarding because of the direct impact that you have on other peoples lives. At the same time, it can be difficult to keep everything straight and to do your job to the best of your ability. With all of the unbelievable ...

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How to Restore Google Maps on Your IOS6 Apple Gadgets

One controversial move that Apple made with the release of their iOS 6 mobile operating system was the removal of the official Google Maps application. The app, which was natively installed on all iOS devices since the platform’s inception, was replaced with an official Apple Maps application. The first party ...

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