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Urban Farming – The Answer to Both Economists and Environmentalists

Otherwise known as ‘Vertical farms’, this agricultural method is on its way to taking the world by storm. The idea of urban farming is not a new one. In fact, it had been proposed in 1984 to convert abandoned warehouses into modern, hydroponic farms. In the following years, city farming slowly sprouted in the form [...]

Genetically Modified Trees Can Give Direction To Lost Hickers

A small step for genetic engineering, but a big step for mankind, at least for people unable to read a map or to use a GPS to find their way when hicking in national parks: BioTeckTrees Corp. (NasdaqGS: BTTC) has just announced that they have successfully introduced electric eel (Electrophorus electricus) genetic material into a [...]

Copenhagen 2009: How Good Is An Agreement That Destroys The World?

The spokesman of the G77, Sudanese Lumumba Stanislaus Kaw Di Aping, has attacked the Copenhagen draft agreement prepared by the Danish Presidency. “The Danish prime minister is desperate but should not confuse his political career with a deal at any price. There must be a compromise between the will of the rich and poor countries,” [...]

The European Union Ask China To Do More To Combate Climate Change

Although China announced last week an ambitious energy efficiency plan to cut down CO2 emissions, Fredrik Reinfeld (Swedish Prime Minister but also the EU rotating president), said on Monday that “we can not solve the challenge of climate change for humanity if China does not assume a leadership role and responsibility”. “So far we believe [...]

Copenhagen 2009: Does It Really Matters?

The future of mankind depends on the issue of the United Nation Climate Change Conference that will be held in Copenhagen from December 7 to December 18, affirms writer and environmentalist Bill McKibben, and many see this 12 days summit as a more important event than the 1945 Yalta conference. Although most participants agree that [...]

Global Warming In The Arctic Above All Predictions

According to a WWF 100 pages report that was released yesterday, the Arctic has warmed at about twice the rate of the rest of the globe over the last decades, and is projected to grow throughout this century and beyond. The climate change is affecting the Arctic’s physical and biological systems earlier and in a [...]

Could It Be The Missing Link In Anthropoid Evolution?

The New York Natural History Museum presents the remains of a primate that could be the “missing link”. Ida is 47 million years old but is very well preserved for its age. “It is the most complete primate fossil that was ever found,” explains the group of scientists that is presenting today the remains of [...]

Colony Collapse Disorder: Bees Need An Emergency Plan

Although the disappearence of billions of bees without any trace of dead bees around hives may sound like a urban legend, the Colony Collapse Disorder is a real and frightening phenomenon that could lead to an overall wipeout of the world’s food supply. While a dramatic decrease of feral and domestic bees has been observed [...]

Could Coccolithophores Save The Earth From Global Warming ?

Ever heard of Coccolithophores? Despite their small size and their weird name, these tiny single-celled marine organisms are major regulators of global climate. Most of the models used to predict climate change are based on ocean level, carbon dioxide and temperature measurements but fail to integrate marine ecosystems in their projections. Actually, the whole process [...]