How to Restore Google Maps on Your IOS6 Apple Gadgets

One controversial move that Apple made with the release of their iOS 6 mobile operating system was the removal of the official Google Maps application. The app, which was natively installed on all iOS devices since the platform’s inception, was replaced with an official Apple Maps application. The first party ...

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Monitor Airline Flight Paths With These Useful Tools

When was the last time you went to pick someone up at the airport and got there at the right time? Chances are, that has never happened to you in your life. It is nearly impossible not to get there too early or too late, and in the end someone ...

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LOCql: Ask and Answer Location-Based Questions

LOCQL.com is a location-based question and answer site that helps people find answers to places they are related to or interested in. This is not exactly a free tool, but a free service that help people for real daily problems. The tool just came out of the private beta this ...

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