Updated list of WikiLeaks mirror

In order to make it impossible to ever fully remove Wikileaks from the Internet, you will find below a list of mirrors of Wikileaks website and CableGate pages.
Wikileaks Mirror List

Wikileaks is currently mirrored on 76 sites (updated 2010-12-05 11:00 GMT)


How to access Wikileaks articles while the site is under DDOS attack?

While Wikileaks website is unreachable due to a massive DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, readers who want to access the “cablegate” material are still able to do it by accessing directly to the following IP address: (Wikileaks home) or (Cablegate direct access)

This site, although not a mirror site like its name could make you think, maintains a list of IP addresses and mirror sites: some are down, some are still working.

Other sites like Gonzo Times are also keeping an up-to-date list of several IP addresses and mirror sites, but we need more sites and blogs to relay the information.

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