5 Good Anxiety Apps Everyone Needs In Their Arsenal

I guess it was only a matter of time before we all started to feel a lot more anxious. Maybe it's something to do with the way the world has turned out. Some people obviously have a lot more serious problems than others, so if you're one of them I've talked about ...

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Health Risks Of Every Day Technology – And How To Manage Them

Technology can be dangerous, we all know that. If you don't believe me, then just rent Terminator 2 and then see how you feel about it. But don't be fooled into thinking that the only dangerous technology is the technology with liquid metal blades for arms. In fact it's not even ...

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How Your Phone Can Improve Your Health: 10 Apps For A Better Body And Mind

We now live in a world of apps! This is great for a great many of us in this ever more mobile society of ours. One of the many wonders of apps is that we can now have health and fitness knowledge, inspiration, and coaching right at our fingertips no matter ...

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4 Mobile Apps To Keep Your Skin Beautiful This Summer

Keeping your skin healthy means staying hydrated, preventing sunburn and identifying dangerous skin conditions. These four mobile apps can help you do that this summer. Healthy Skin by Dermatologists Available at Google Play and iTunes This free app provides information about common skin disorders and skin health. It allows users to search any ...

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iphone beauty

Top 3 Beauty Apps For iPhone

Your iPhone can send texts in a second and help you order pizza late at night, but do you know it can also help out with your beauty routine? There are many great beauty apps that have been developed to help men as well as women look their best while ...

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mobile oldies

Mobile Apps Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

  These days, technology has an answer for just about everything including the best way to stay healthy. With the world becoming a more mobile place since the introduction of smartphones and tablet computers, developers have been building applications that improve our daily lives. It is only natural that some of ...

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Cool Pinterest Boards for Muscle Building

With its focus on all things visual, Pinterest has become the premiere social media platform where ideas and inspiration are concerned, giving you instant access to literally millions of images on every subject imaginable. One of the subjects best covered is fitness, muscle building in particular, and this means that you ...

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android health

5 Excellent Android Apps for Good Health and Fitness

After finding hundreds of apps online for health and fitness I finally chose 5 android apps which I personally liked a lot. I am sure these apps will benefit anyone trying to get fit and stay healthy. 1. Honest Label This app provides colour coded information about products in a grocery store. ...

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Top 6 Free Eye Test Mobile Apps

Mobile phones are able to offer so much in the 21st Century, influencing every aspect of our lives and acting as the centre of the entertainment and media world. That said, it seems only natural that mobile phones can also act as a health care resource, providing bountiful information and ...

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4 iPhone Apps that Simulate a Plastic Surgery

Thinking about undergoing plastic surgery? Perhaps you're simply curious about the modern phenomenon of breast augmentation, tummy tucks and liposuction sweeping first world nations? No matter your interest in the subject, modern technology makes it possible for anyone to not only learn about the processes involved in plastic surgery, but ...

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