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An Epidemic Nobody Talks About

While the international community is focused on the H1N1 virus, West Africa is experiencing a meningitis epidemic that could be easily contained but has already killed 1,900 persons and infected more than 56,000. Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) (aka Doctors without Borders) have launched one of the largest vaccination campaigns in history, in collaboration with the [...]

Baconic Plague: Much Ado About Nothing?

In a press briefing on Friday 1 May in Stockholm, scientists at the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) estimated that 80% of the European population could be affected by the Influenza A/H1N1 virus (new “politically correct” name for the swine flu) but that in most cases, it would be only a “mild [...]

Debunking The Swine Flu Conspiracy Theory

Less than a week after the fist report of the deadly swine flu outbreak in Mexico, the Conspiracy Theory has gone viral too and is spreading over the Internet much faster than the H1N1 around the world. The way the official Health Services communicate and how the information is then relayed in mainstream media do [...]

Swine Flu: The WHO Warns About Possible Pandemic Risk

“It’s a potential pandemic because it is infecting people.” said Margaret Chan,the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), about the unknown and strange flu that has killed at least 149 people in Mexico and may have infected up to a thousand. The alarm is also coming from the U.S., where the virus has infected [...]

Obesity Virus: Info or Hoax?

According to a news titled Obesity Bug You Can Catch and published today by the Daily Express, researchers believe that obesity could be caused by an airborne adenovirus and could be caught as easily as a common cold from other people’s coughs, sneezes and dirty hands. “As many as one in three obese people may [...]