1.66 Million Toyota Cars Recalled

The world’s largest car maker Toyota has just released a statement announcing that some 1.66 million cars around the world need to be recalled and repaired because there are safety concerns regarding the brakes and engines. This is not the first time Toyota has recalled their cars  within the past twelve months Toyota has already [...]

Trends and Possibilities: Analyzing the Self-Service Kiosk Marketplace

Self-service kiosks remain very popular because they allow companies to save money that might be needlessly spent. As technologies such as the iPad enter the marketplace, the kiosk market will continue to evolve and adapt. This article explores the future of the kiosk marketplace. Insights are provided by staff at Phoenix Kiosk. Where is the [...]

G20 Summit: “Tough Regulations” Or Just “Business As Usual”?

According to the Financial Stability Board, which coordinates the Group of 20 regulation initiatives, “there has been good progress in strengthening the financial system to apply lessons from the credit crunch”. (read FSB report on G20 financial rules progress). But for some analysts, that’s only “smoke and mirrors” to give citizens the illusion that politics [...]

U.S. Banking: The End Of The Nightmare?

Seven months after the financial earthquake that shook Wall Street, after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, large U.S. banks begin to talk about profit growth and solid earnings for 2009. Jaime Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, is proud of the performance of his bank, and says that he can now return the 25,000 million dollars [...]

Tax Havens: The Worst Are Not Those You May Think.

During the last G20 summit held in London in April 2009, participant countries agreed, among other measures, to strengthen international cooperation in order to get rid of tax havens (aka “fiscal paradises”). According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, a tax haven could be defined by the following statements: no taxes or only nominal taxes [...]