Tools to Organize Your Social Life Using Color Coding

My diary is a mess. I started keeping it a couple of years ago so I could have something immediately on hand in my mobile phone to remember important dates, appointments and social dates. I thought that I would finally be getting a handle on things so I could be ...

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open tool

Open Source Quality Assurance Tools for the Enterprise

Quality assurance is an important concept for every software development company as it ensures that the product they are releasing will function adequately. Many small enterprises are hesitant to invest in QA since it can be an expensive resource. To take a big peg out of the cost, many small ...

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Seven Essential Mobile Applications for Investors

Considering the diabolical state of much of the world's finances, and recurring concerns that everything from our savings to our pensions are at risk, it's unsurprising that increasing numbers of people are choosing to find alternative means of looking after themselves financially. Whether you're looking to begin investing or you're already ...

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5 Best Android Apps for Improved Online Productivity

Android devices have now officially overtaken Apple OS devices in terms of popularity, which is owing largely to the cross platform nature of Android which means that no matter what device you buy there's a good change it has Android installed if it's fairly mobile. For bloggers and webmasters this ...

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Build an Online Training Course with ProProfs is a multi-feature site that has a lot of options for educators and marketers. With it, you can build a multi-media-rich poll, survey, quiz and now a training course. The tool has an easy-to-use, yet highly functional online training software which you can find helpful on many levels: Train your employees ...

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5 Websites That Will Teach Your Children About Money And Savings

Money education is one of the hardest, yet crucial elements of upbringing. If you need help education your kids about money, here are 5 awesome websites that help teach kids how to manage money while having fun! 1. Credit Card Finder This site contains lots of information and tools about money for adults ...

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MyWebCareer: Monitor Your Online Career Score

MyWebCareer is a new exciting tool that lets you evaluate, visualize and track your professional footprint. The tool aggregates data from your social networks (LinkedIn and Facebook) and combines it with Google search results to measure your online footprint. The tool helps you evaluate your online branding efforts, get a better ...

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